Index – Culture – Defender 3. In addition to The Godfather, he quotes classics from the history of cinema.

Mafia is like cancer: there is no cure for it, they say Defenderin the final film of the trilogy. Or maybe it can still be defeated? In any case, director Antoine Fuqua is trying (at least on screen) to bring justice to the people most in need and to cleanse the world of the filth called synthetic dog shit: it is the drug that ruins our children’s lives, often forever. .

The name of the director is already well known to domestic moviegoers. Starring Clive Owen. King Arthurt curves on the canvas, which is worth looking at a few times, and then there is Deep in Brooklynin which Ethan Hawke, Richard Gere and Don Cheadle risk everything to assert an abstract concept called truth, then he also works a bit to save the American president, but Attack on the White House the titled opus is more like the icing on the cake because it’s a real big hit Defender comes to the director with the first part in 2014. Due to the success of the first part, it was completed four years later. Defender – the second opus of the trilogy, in which it is already clear that Fuqua is not only working on creating a special visual world, but also likes to quote the classics of cinema history.

Treat yourself to a treat from the movie history table.

But with a real big surprise Defender 3happens because not only Octopus The classic series about the provincial mafia world returns in the film, but

Godfather his truly grandiose work, which, frankly, is no small feat, not least because it is one of the greatest classics in the history of cinema.

Of course, we could already suspect that Fukua was an “unscrupulous scoundrel” who boldly treats the history of cinema from the table, spreading, spreading when he made it. Seven snipers really confusing remake.

Defender In all three parts, Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, who used to work as a commando, but arranged his own death and then retired. The great dramatic trick is that the main character is a man who no longer wants to fight. He is tired, looking for a home and peace, but in a world cursed to such an extent as ours, a real man emerges from him in every part of him, whom every woman describes with only one epithet: protector. This is a man’s business. Children and women, families and a small town must be protected even if someone dies, because a real man knows exactly what it means to be decent and moral.

This film will appeal to middle-aged and older men, as the main character, played convincingly by the not-so-young Denzel Washington, defeats young, unstylish, hysterical and pompous, but very stupid bandits with their characteristic style of warfare. this generation. Young people will love this movie because they can find in the protagonist’s character a father figure to look up to, and women will love this movie because they will finally see a male role model on the cinema screen who is not selfish, not selfish. . selfish, does not pursue his own satisfaction, but protects the society in which he lives, protects the woman and the child. Antoine Fuqua draws the attention of the male generation of our time (almost at the last moment) to the fact that “this is our work, and it is not small.”

Dramaturgy of royal dramas returns

Defender 3. it is structured like a piece of classical music. Milan Kundera wrote the book that way, and of course there were a few other directors, at least like Sergio Leone, who did the same when they embarked on a lifelong filmmaking adventure. It’s also interesting that in the film, it’s not the fight scenes that are the most memorable, but the scenes through which we, the audience, feel how a person becomes part of a small community.

How we fall in love with a street, a cafe, a waitress, a market, a port, a restaurant and, finally, a room, how we find a home, friends, peace and harmony.

We just enjoy the environment of Italian towns, and not only Fellini. Amarcord comes to mind, but we also see the history of cinema on the walls of houses, there is Giuseppe Tornatore Cinema Paradiso his work is headlined by at least a scene where a cameraman projects onto a wall so that everyone can see the movie. And the one who did not get a ticket, but also the one who could not buy it, and the one who won, and the one who lost in life.

Because cinema is for everyone. and this film is the manifesto of cinema.

Cinematography gives us the knowledge of how to achieve victory, but even if we fail to take the appropriate steps in our lives, we can still be heroes for a few hours.

Mafia boss played by Marlon Brando. Godfatherhe was shot while shopping at a green store, and also because in his life he was often involved in gangsterism, but he wants to save children from drugs. Defender 3in Russia, all this is reflected in the fact that in the mafia (and Crazy Max we see his disgusting barnyard raging here too), but the current “Death of the Godfather” is a variation on the theme of the cult film (we will not reveal it, because it will be a spoiler), but Shakespeare III. Richard reminiscent of the royal drama “Dr. Ashes and diamonds the end of his film, but this should not be forced, only for those who The unbearable lightness of existence also read more than once. Then comes the finale and the grateful glances of ordinary people. There is still a random melody at the end of the piece, but it could already be excluded. And at this point it is worth thinking about what a good film is. This movie wins spectacularly not by the number of corpses, but by the style. We will remember him for a long time.