Index – Culture – Burial of Lajos Balazzowitz

Accompanied by family, friends, colleagues and admirers, Lajos Balažovitz, national actor, theater director and theater director, worthy artist, was buried on Tuesday in Budapest at the Fiumei-ut cemetery. The actor died at the age of seventy-six on July 19.

In his farewell speech, the mayor of Nagykanizsa, Laszlo Balogh, said:

the bell of a sage, a large-scale, inaudible actor, director and theater director, people’s artist, a mature person is ringing now.

The mayor stressed that the creative personality of Lajos Balažovitz lives on in many generations of his young colleagues. “His spirit lives on in his films, in the works of Miklós Jancso, Marta Meszáros and Sandor Sarah,” the mayor said in his speech.

Kossuth Prize winner, national actor György Cerhalmi said goodbye to Lajos Balažovitz on behalf of his colleagues and friends.

This is our most difficult joint work so far, dear Lajos. I can’t take it! Like most things in life, you have to grow up. We’ve known each other for 54 years, in college, at work, in civilian clothes, in front of and behind cameras, here and there around the country.

– recalled his more than half a century of friendship, and also recalled the filming of the film “Dead or Alive”, where Lajos Balazhovits played Gaspard Nozzlopi, and also took over the stunt work himself.

Saying goodbye to his father, the actor, winner of the Edith Yasai Marie Balazhovits, emphasized that wherever he goes, he leaves a mark.

My father was Elias the King, the Pancake King, Mr. Kalmar from “Abigel”, Balazs Pastor from “The Thrown Stone”, Laci Fekete from “Bright Winds”, Gyula David from “The Heavenly Guard”, and in the theater he was the king of Bela and Janos Hus . . And I could go on and on about how important my father is to people.

– said the daughter of Lajos Balazhovits.

Lajos Balažovitz died on July 19 at the age of seventy-six.