Index – Belfeld – The mother of a small child who went to the Dunaújváros hospital for an operation on gallstone disease has died.

Noticing something was wrong, the mother was transferred to a hospital in Budapest, where she was under deep anesthesia for four weeks. The grieving husband says the doctors made a mistake and is considering legal action. At the same time, the general director of the Dunaújváros St. Pantaleon Hospital, dr. Lajos Jobbagi said that according to their internal investigation, there was no professional malpractice in caring for patients, according to him, this is a “natural category of risk.”

Over the weekend, they reported that he could have 1-2 days left after seventy percent of his liver died. Although I would offer my organ, it would be impossible to transplant it in such a situation. Only his heart was beating, only the machines kept him alive, his body could not begin the work of a new organ.

– told Blikk the woman’s partner Karoly Ciehak.

According to him, in Budapest they were treated extremely humanely, he was only disconnected from the ventilator at the last moment.

He was given a large amount of painkillers so that he would not notice anything. They said his pulse slowed, he sighed and disappeared forever. He didn’t notice any of this. After that I went to his room

He said.

Laszlo Abraham, a lawyer who has been handling medical malpractice lawsuits for 57 years, also told the newspaper that if filed, the act could be classified as a negligent threat resulting in death.

Both the child and the partner have lost the constitutional right to live in a healthy family, therefore they are entitled to compensation and damages.

said the lawyer.

The director of the Dunaujváros hospital, Lajos Jobbagy, said that the chief physician who performed the operation has been performing this type of endoscopic gallbladder stone removal surgery at his institution since 2017, and since then, out of 640 procedures, the current one is the second one where a complication has developed.

According to him, it cannot be unequivocally established that the rupture of the bile duct was due to a medical error, his position is that “biology, the stone itself, can cause such a problem.”