Index – Belfeld – Meteorologist warns summer is approaching with temperatures of 45-48 degrees

Meteorologist Laszlo Molnar gave an interview to, in which he spoke about the consequences of climate change and the possible termination of the AMOC (Atlantic meridional overturning circulation), which has a large impact on the Earth’s climate. Laszlo Molnar said that our weather is now in a phase that indicates very big problems.

THAT employee explained that AMOC started slowing down in the 1950s and is now slowing by 15 to 20 percent. According to him, the stop will happen very quickly, within a few years at the most, and as a result, cardinal changes will occur.

According to him, in the Carpathian basin, for example, it will be 2-3 degrees colder than the current average temperature.

This will cause severe cooling in certain periods, there will often be prolonged frosts and even minus twenty to thirty degrees. In the last century there was only one such year, in 1942, when our ancestors died in the bend of the Don, when, for example, they set a record in Bach, it was minus 34 degrees. In a few decades every winter will be the same

Laszlo Molnar said.

According to him, we will have such a winter that the Danube will freeze again. Instead, summer temperatures are 45-48 degrees, not 32 degrees.

The expert further noted that our rivers, especially our floodplains, are not ready for such flood waves that arise as a result of such a situation.

“When we go from a very cold winter after a short transition of a few weeks or even a few days, which can hardly be called spring any more, to a very hot summer, this will mean that much more snow and ice will accumulate in the snow and ice.” Alps in winter and it will melt very quickly. Therefore, there will be ice floods that modern man has never seen before,” he added.

The meteorologist stressed that in the near future we will have almost two seasons: tropical in summer and arctic in winter.

Food supplies under threat

In an interview, Laszlo Molnar emphasized that with the end of the temperate climate, agriculture, and hence food, will cease to exist in its current form, which, according to him, it will no longer be possible to catch up with crop production. and genetic modification.

There are species with a short growing season, such as carrots, green peas and radishes, that can probably be grown, he says, just need to adapt your diet. He added that in the Carpathian Basin it will be possible to grow only such plants that can survive such intense heat.

According to the expert, trial versions of this catastrophe will appear in the next decade, that is, there will be one very cold month in winter and one very hot summer period. At the same time, he believes that energy should no longer be directed towards prevention, but should be directed towards adaptation.

In Hungary, for example, every building must be insulated as quickly as possible, but with greater thickness. Another pressing issue is water storage. We need to build permanent and huge reservoirs from which it will be possible to easily irrigate without transporting water for hundreds of kilometers. Preservation of winter meltwater, especially in the eastern half of the country, since the Tisza will almost certainly dry up in summer.

Laszlo Molnar said.