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On the eve of the second Russia-Africa Summit and the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg on July 27-28, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article in the African media entitled “Russia and Africa: Joint Efforts for Peace, Progress and a Successful Future”, TASZSZ writes.

The text is published on the Kremlin website, and the article is available, inter alia, in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French.

On the eve of these large-scale, representative events, in which heads of state and government, businessmen, scientists and public figures take part, I would like to share with the readers of the leading media of the African continent my thoughts on the development of Russian-African relations, outline areas of cooperation, identified areas of joint work for the coming decades of the 21st century.

Putin said in the article.

In his letter, the head of the Russian state referred to the history of relations between the Soviet Union and Russia with African countries, emphasizing that Moscow has always adhered to the principle of “African problems – African solutions” and has consistently supported the African peoples in their struggle for liberation from colonial oppression. He emphasized the special importance of the partnership between Russia and Africa now, when a new, more just, multipolar world order is being formed.

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