Index – Abroad – Although the People’s Party does not have a majority, it is trying to form a government in Spain.

A huge crowd gathered in front of a building in the city center waved Spanish flags, cheered and chanted to celebrate the result that saw the largest opposition force increase its support by 3 million votes four years ago and its parliamentary representation by 47 seats, MTI reported.

Alberto Nunez-Feijoo argued that the Spaniards sent a signal to the parties with their voices to continue the dialogue.

As the candidate of the party with the most votes, it is my duty to open a dialogue and try to govern our country in accordance with the election results.

– He said.

He emphasized: “no one should be tempted to obstruct this process” and singled out the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) among the parties.

The current interim prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, general secretary of the PSOE, who came in second with a margin of 1.3 percent of the vote, also addressed his constituents in the Spanish capital. “There are far more of us who want Spain to move forward than those who want it to follow the path of regression set by PP and Vox,” he said.

In his opinion, the voters’ decision is understandable: “the bloc that proposed the complete abolition of all the progress that we have made over the past four years has failed.”

The election result was very close

The politician hinted at it

the two large right-wing parties, the NP and VOX, which positions itself to its right, together lack 176 seats representing the ruling majority of the 350-member parliament.

Santiago Abascal, president of VOX, called it very bad news that even if Pedro Sanchez loses the election, he could prevent the formation of a PP government. What’s more, it can even govern “with the support of communism, terrorism and separatism,” he added, referring to other left-wing, Basque nationalist and Catalan independence parties that have made it into parliament.

He reiterated that in order to contain the mobilization, some media outlets manipulated the campaign and called for the demonization of VOX.

He stressed that they will continue to resist either in the opposition or in the repeated parliamentary elections, but they will not disappoint the voters, who once again made the party a third political force.

Yolanda Diaz, president of the fledgling multi-leftist Sumar party, which entered parliament in fourth place, told sympathizers celebrating the result of 31 mandates that democracy had won and grown stronger in the elections.

He announced that he would initiate a dialogue with all “democratic and progressive” political forces in the country in order to secure power in Spain.

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