Independiente will seek a new payment plan for transfers of Cecilio Domínguez and Silvio Romero

Independiente de Avellaneda still owes 5.7 million dollars to América despite the fact that FIFA ruled in favor of the Mexican club since 2021

America still unable to collect in full the money owed by the Independent of Avellaneda for transfers of Silvio Romero Y Cecilio Dominguez due to the precarious economic situation of the Argentines who will present a new payment scheme to the Mexican group to pay off the debt.

Sources commented to ESPN that he Independent of Avellaneda is preparing a new payment proposal in which they will seek to cover their debt of 5.7 million dollars with the Eagles in two years with the aim of being able to raise the money and avoid a new sanction by FIFA.

It should be noted that since last year FIFA ruled in favor of the America and forced the Independent to cover their debt for the transfers of the players in addition to a compensation fine in favor of the Eagles, however the South Americans simply do not have money to cover the commitment with their creditors and are trying to restructure their debts to gain more time somehow way.

The same source pointed out that the America does not plan to accept this new payment proposal that would end in 2024 and they want their money as soon as possible or they will return to FIFA so that they can take action on the matter again and somehow force the Argentine club to pay or define more severe sanctions against Avellaneda’s team.

At the moment the Americanist staff is on vacation while the Azulcrema managers try to resolve the conflict with Independent, In addition to resolving contractual situations such as that of Guillermo Ochoa, who is still not renewed with the team.

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