Increases 6 young people injured in a shooting in a US park

(AFP) .-At least 6 teenagers were injured in a shooting on Monday morning in a park in the state of Colorado, in the northwestern United States, police said.

5 adolescents between 14 and 17 years old were transported by ambulance to the hospital, while a sixth wounded 18-year-old “with minor injuries” went on his own to a medical center after a shooting in the city of Aurora, the police detailed on their social networks.

Preliminary information points towards several suspects who fired from moving vehicles and on footAurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said, however no one has been identified as of yet.

“We have the description of several vehicles,” added Wilson, who declined to release information that could harm the investigation.

All the injured are students from the Aurora Central high school, located next to Nome Park, a park with sports fields and playgrounds, and where the incident occurred.

One of the injured is in emergency surgery, Wilson said, adding that the life of the victims are out of danger.

“All the victims are cooperating” with the investigations, he reported.

The officer specified that several bullets of seven different calibers were recovered, and said that it was still too early to say if the shooting was related to a gang confrontation.

Aerial images from the local media show the presence of patrols and ambulances at the scene.

The Aurora School District issued a suspension from classes after the incident.

After a 2020 homeschooling due to the pandemic, schools resumed face-to-face classes this year thanks to the decline in cases and the wide availability of covid-19 vaccines.

“There is a crisis of violence in the country right now,” Wilson said Monday, referring to gun violence.

Shootings are a serious problem in the United States, where many argue that they are facilitated by lax gun laws.

More than 256,000 students have been exposed to gun violence in schools in the United States since 1999, when 13 people were killed in a massacre at Columbine High School, also in Colorado, according to statistics compiled by The Washington Post.

The figure includes those caught in the crossfire and witnesses.

The deadliest high school shooting occurred in 2018, in Florida, when a former high school student in Parkland killed 17 people.

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