In what order should you watch Netflix Christmas movies?

The Netflix Christmas movies share universe and they are interrelated with each other. Amazing? Not at all. If the superheroic universe of Marvel is connected, the DC sometimes also or the galaxy of Star Wars tends to the same gravitational center, why couldn’t the same thing happen with the Christmas romances on the streaming platform?

Netflix Christmas productions are linked to each other by a double path: the diegetic and that of fiction within fiction. Because if you’re going to set up a shared universe, it better be crazy complicated!

The chronological order is not really important, but rather the reference guide that allows us to locate the place occupied by each of these Christmas movies within the general scheme. Netflix itself published the following map last year:

To set your course you must see first of all a christmas prince (2017), the first meeting between a Rose McIver journalist and a Ben Lamb very princely. This is the star from which it starts and in which all this constellation of titles converges. The Rosetta Stone from Netflix Christmas movies. For starters, it has its own two sequels: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018) and A Christmas Prince: Royal Baby (2019).

a christmas prince develops in the fictional kingdom of Aldovia, which is also mentioned in The Christmas Knight (2019). And it is not the only occasion in which Vanessa Hudgens enters the orbit of Amber (McIver) and Richard (Lamb); in princess change (2018) it turns out that his film appears on television. A goal wink which is also repeated in The Christmas calendar (2018), by the way.

To make it even more difficult, in the highly fictional The Christmas Knight They also watch another movie from this universe on TV: safari for christmas (2019), with Rob Lowe Y Kristin Davis. christmas heritage (2017) is another of the movies that the inhabitants of this fictional universe like to see; appears both in The Christmas calendar like in Princess change.

Going back to the great saga of Vanessa Hudgens, you have to dig in and mess it up a bit more because it also has a handful of sequels. first came (Re) change of princess (2020), in whose coronation scene it turns out that Amber and Lamb appear with her baby just out of A Christmas prince: Royal baby. In the next, sweet princess change (2021), is Count Simon played by Theo Devaney who runs into one of the characters played by Hudgens.

Lastly, Mrs Donatelli (Suanne Brown) and Frank (Mark Fleischman), two secondary characters of the saga princess change, also appear in a christmas castle (2021), starring Brooke Shields Y Cary Elwes. Which is precisely the movie that appears recommended on the Netflix home page when the character of Lindsay Lohan turn the tv on slam Christmas (2022).

What movies make up the Netflix Christmas universe?

Not all Christmas movies on Netflix serve the purposes of the shared universe, only those produced by the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA), specialists in this type of seasonal demolition content who also develop for other channels such as Hallmark.

Therefore, we are in the field of the saga of the Christmas princes with Rose McIver and Ben Lamb, the constant changes of princess of Vanessa Hudgens and other manifestations of romantic love, pacata morality of brilli-brilli and aesthetic neofeudalism. Other proposals not so different as the duo are left out Christmas Chronicle starring kurt russell like Santa Claus.

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