In the Eastern Pyrenees, Covid is back.

Since mid-August, pharmacists in the Eastern Pyrenees have recorded an increase in the number of checks in their pharmacies through the sale of self-test tests, as well as those they carry out in pharmacies. “This three to four times more than in July the last one, where we practically did not sell the test and did not do screening“supports Vincent Villacampa, a pharmacist from the center of Perpignan. And the results are getting more and more positive:we reach 15 to 20% positive Covid cases“Says Bruno Galan, pharmacist in Palau del Vidre and regional president of the order of pharmacists. Days before classes resume and when we would happily forget, the virus is still there.

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Splash yes, new epidemic wave no

Thus, the incidence rate is rising again, but “I want to comfort people we are not facing a new wave of the epidemic“Bruno Galan says. In the Eastern Pyrenees, more than 15 out of 100,000 people tested positive. Figures set by the ARS, but incomplete.

Indeed, since July 1, the SIDEP platform, and before that, it was through it that pharmacists directly reported a positive case found in their pharmacy. But without her now the patient must go to a laboratory or doctor to report their infection. Right now, Covid is a notifiable disease, but once a patient leaves the pharmacy, it all depends on their willingness to complete the reporting process.

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