In Pure Thread Ana Cheri Leaves Her Great Body in Sight and Unleashes Passions

Posing without a single hint of shame, the famous fitness model, Ana Cheri left nothing to the imagination by sporting a revealing lingerie set that barely covered her charm.

There is no doubt that the famous fitness model, Ana Cheri knows how to pamper her devoted followers on social networks, and with her most recent publication, she once again dazzled everyone, since she left nothing to the imagination of Internet users by showing off a revealing lingerie set that barely covered her charm.

For a few days, the beautiful influencer has been showing her admirers some of the costumes that she could use for the Halloween party, which have revealed much of her spectacular figure due to the little fabric she has used in each one. them.

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One of the first costumes that she wore on the platform was that of a skeleton, while the second was of a flirty nurse and the third was one of the most popular, as she dressed as the popular DC Comics character, Harley Queen.

On this occasion, the successful internet celebrity decided to give everyone an eyewitness and that is why he shared a daring photograph through his personal account on the little camera’s social network, in which he was encouraged to pose under the strong rays of the sun with a provocative underwear outfit that with difficulty hid her most intimate parts.

As can be seen in the image, Ana Cheri had no problem exposing her dreamy body in front of the camera lens, wearing only a white threads suit that barely shows more of her beauty, but luckily strategically covered each of her charms.

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In addition, the popular businesswoman was also seen wearing a white bunny mask that gave the final touch to her provocative look, with which she was able to provoke all kinds of reactions among Internet users.

“Last Halloween” was the brief message that a beautiful California- born model placed in the description of her publication, accompanying it with a rabbit and red heart emoticon.


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