in one map, what you need to know on August 29 about the counteroffensive

Ukrainian tank near Robotin. VYACHESLAV RATYNSKY / REUTERS

INFOGRAPHICS – The Ukrainian army announced the recapture of the village of Robotino on the Southern Front.

The Russian front line broke through: on Monday, the village of Robotin, south of Orikhov, fell at the hands of the 47th brigade, equipped with Leopard-2 and Bradley tanks. “Our troops are advancing southeast of Robotin and south of Malaya Tokmachka.– said Anna Malyar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine. “The enemy suffers huge losses in these directions, but tries to concentrate his forces there so as not to leave his positions.“, she specified. A breakthrough was expected, as doubts, especially Americans, were heard about the success of the counteroffensive. The Ukrainian army wore down the bravely defended Russian front lines in the hope of forcing them to give way and thus ensure the offensive. “There were many uncertainties about Russian facilities, their stocks, materials… But they survived. The most surprising thing is the defense of the most advanced positions, which are not designed for long-term existence.“, developed with Figaro Stephan Odrand, International Risk Consultant.

The capture of Robotine is both a new step and a continuation of Ukrainian dynamics. Ukraine has passed the first lines of defense and is counting on a ripple effect for a further breakthrough. This breakthrough will depend primarily on Russia’s ability to defend its second line of defense. We will have an indication of this from the first battles.” develops Thibaut Fuyet, scientific director of the Institute for Strategy and Defense Studies (IESD). We remind you thatSurovikin line“Dug out in winter by the Russians, it has fortifications about 30 kilometers deep, trenches, dragon teeth and strongholds.

It also seems that those few Ukrainian offensives were achieved with quite significant losses in equipment and manpower.“, Colonel Michel Goya noted in his blog. But Ukraine must break through, and this axis is strategic. It leads to Tokmok (see map above), an important logistical and communication hub, then to Melitopol, the Crimean gateway. Ukraine, as part of this long-awaited counter-offensive, launches an offensive in three directions: on Bakhmut in the east, on Vugledar in the southeast and near Orikhov in the south. Task: Cut the Russian apparatus in two in the Sea of ​​Azov and be able to hit the Crimean bridge, making the peninsula inaccessible to the Russian army.

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