In Impossible Cachetero Chiquis Rivera Mounts and Upsets Everyone

Chiquis Rivera remains uncontrolled and in this indiscreet garment reveals the name of his new song, ‘Anyone’, which will be released next Friday

Once again the beautiful Mexican regional music singer surprised her own and her social networks with an image in which she boasts her spectacular curves in a look that caught everyone’s attention.

Chiquis Rivera with this fantastic image revealed the name of his new single, which is titled ‘ Anyone ‘, which will be released this Friday, October 29 through digital platforms.

The famous gave a touch of freshness to her official Instagram account by showing off her divine body in a flirtatious cheek that perfectly marked her curvy figure, which has all her fans stunned.

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It was impossible for his followers not to dedicate a large number of messages to him. It is the owner of an irresistible beauty that nobody wants to stop admiring since it is presumed like a few times. 

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To give a more daring and authentic touch to photography, Chiquis Rivera decided to pose riding a motorcycle and bring out her best angle, which caused a great deal of uproar among viewers.

The businesswoman also took over the looks and conquered the hearts of all those who circulate through her profile, which is saturated with images in which she flaunts beauty and style since it is one of the riskiest when it comes to sharing your content.

Undoubtedly the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera with this photograph put herself in the eye of the hurricane, surely all her fans will be waiting for the release of her song ‘Anyone’ in which she will present this intrepid look that makes her look majestic and imposing curves.

With this postcard, it quickly became a trend and his fans did not miss the opportunity to flatter those prominent charms that have fallen in love with the photographer, Becky G’s friend, Emilio Sánchez, who is surely more in love than ever.

It was to be expected that his detractors would be present and immediately gave him harsh criticism, among which his physical appearance and the excess of curves that he boasts so much stand out.  

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