In an Intrepid Pose Celia Lora Discovers More Than Her Transparencies

The Beautiful Model and Youtuber, Celia Lora Takes a Risk and Poses on Her Knees to Make Her Fans Fall in Love More and With This Flirty Lingerie Set That Reveals More Than Necessary

Celia Lora accelerated the traffic of social networks after sharing with everyone a couple of photographs in which she flaunts her spectacular curves, and it is that the famous did not hesitate to impress her loyal fans.

With a lot of styles and abusing everything that the beautiful Mexican model has, she got the crown for the most beautiful and attractive, because in a flirtatious pose and defying censorship she reveals lingerie in a gray tone that makes her look fantastic.

The famous one with that tiny outfit got almost 2,000 comments. The two photographs he shared were devastating, as he fearlessly exposed everything he has achieved based on discipline and beauty tricks.

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When it comes to showing off, Alex Lora’s daughter does it without any fear, it shows that she fully trusts everything she has to fall in love with, as she takes risks and conquers hearts with all her charm.   


This time it was no exception and from the sofa, he squatted down and moved locals and strangers with the majestic angle that he left in the foreground unleashed a shower of passionate compliments.

It was impossible for his fans not to react and they immediately sent him a large number of messages, among which the most affectionate and passionate standout. She is the owner of an irresistible figure that nobody wants to stop seeing.

Without a doubt, the former member of Acapulco Shore has found the perfect way to connect with all her followers, and that is through her YouTube channel and in the reality shows in which she presents herself, she reveals more of her daring personality, without demerit that splendid beauty that she always exposes before everyone with those photographs.

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Celia Lora won the golden palms because she revealed a pronounced figure that all her fans admire since she is one of the most beautiful and charming in the world of modeling in Mexico.  


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