In a Well-Glued Garment, Yanet García Brings out Her Mexican Side Without Fear

Taking advantage of her walk through Central Park in New York, the Mexican model Yanet García makes her own with the tight garment and daring pose that she enchants leaving speechless

Yanet García takes advantage of her stay in New York and from Central Park she shows off her spectacular anatomy without any kind of shame in a well-attached garment that makes her bring out her Mexican side without fear, getting the attentive gaze of her fans.

And it is that the famous 30-year-old woman has been carried away by her tastes in a matter of placing herself under the spotlight every time she wears one of those outfits where she looks as if she were a whole Goddess, wasting more than her beauty.

It was through his official Instagram account that Yanet García shared a fascinating postcard where he wanted to use nothing more and nothing less than a sweatshirt and splendid tight-fitting leggings in a light purple color, the same tone as the sweatshirt along with a cap black and tennis also black.

However, what immediately caught the attention of Internet users is that when modeling in front of the camera lens while standing on a large rock in the middle of extensive vegetation that comprises a small area of Central Park in New York, it was precisely that Mexican ‘side’ that sweetens the looks when turning from behind.


Thus, intense reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts quickly began to reach him, since, with his great beauty and those curves that cannot be hidden, his great followers always do what is in their power to let him know how much they admire and esteem it.

García is a Mexican model who despite having great beauty has liked to work as a television host as the ‘Girl of the Climate’ in the Hoy program, she has done work as an actress in film productions and currently in addition to being a ‘coach’ healthy life has just announced its participation in the Telethon for next December 4.

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