In a Well-Fitted Look Chiquis Rivera Is Asked About the ‘Ham’

Confident in her beauty, the beautiful singer of the band Chiquis Rivera, shows off in fitted clothes but is asked in networks about the ‘ham’ that overflows

Janney Marín Rivera, or as she is known in the entertainment world, Chiquis Rivera, is one of the women who despite what they will say, keeps her course confident in her beauty and that curves that are charged to thrill locals and strangers with devastating garments.

And it is that the famous band singer seems that just when we thought that she could no longer surprise us, she goes back to doing her own thing, generating different opinions and dividing the audience between those who love her and those who cannot see her ‘not even in painting’ .

It was through her official Instagram account that Chiquis Rivera shared a third of photographs in which she wears a well-fitted look with which she manages to get the looks of locals and strangers, as she opens her trench coat and reveals a revealing leotard with fishnet tights that only frame your charm.

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However, not everything was honey on flakes, since in the publication of the great postcards showing off her curvy figure, the ‘haters’ came to the 36-year-old businesswoman and quickly asked her about ‘the ham’ that according to her overflows tight outfit.


That is something that ultimately the interpreter of ‘Paloma Blanca’ let pass, as she has shown that by not answering anything, her detractors end up not saying anything to ‘not seeing’ her annoyance, so she prefers to focus on her fans rather than they do show their affection and admiration, as they did with their mother, the late Jenni Rivera.

So having a large number of people who esteem her, Rivera managed to get more than 110 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the shape of red hearts while her camouflage raincoat opens with ease and she wears a splendid black leotard with fishnet tights and high boots.

If you do not want to miss any of the content of Chiquis Rivera and the projects in which she is, we suggest you follow all the social networks of the famous businesswoman.

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