improve and rejuvenate your image with natural results and without surgery

The passage of time and the hours of sunshine leave traces on the skin. That is why some of the comments that are most heard in aesthetic clinics are of the type: “I look tired”, “I look older”, “I always have to wear makeup” … In short, all those people want look better but without having to resort to surgery. For them, at the Dermitek Clinic they have several proposals with which they have already helped thousands of patients since 1998 to improve the quality of your skin, reduce wrinkles, recover lost volumes, lighten your spots, eliminate red veins on your face and revitalize your skin without surgery.

Laser skin resurfacing

In a single session they can use up to 4 different lasers to achieve better results. A couple of sessions are enough to reduce your spots, veins and make you look younger. In this way, if you have red veins, they will apply 3 types of lasers: KTP, V-Beam and neodymium-YAG to make them disappear; in the case of needing remove dark spots, they will use picosecond laser and BBL pulsed light to unify the tone of your skin and achieve luminosity; what about if He stain problem is especially rebellious, the C02 laser.

In addition, the picosecond laser has a lens to rejuvenate the skin, since it manages to generate new collagen giving shine and elasticity to the skin to end that appearance of ‘tired skin’, improve the smoothness and uniformity of the skin and smooth small wrinkles.

That is why it is important to put yourself in the hands of an expert medical team, since applying the wrong laser to a spot can cause the opposite effect and worsen the appearance. In addition, there are spots that reappear after treatment, so it is necessary to anticipate and establish a maintenance plan to delay their appearance as much as possible.

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