Important announcement from EGO! Attention of users of this line: The route has changed!

The EGO General Directorate has made an important announcement for the people of Ankara. EGO, Hospital 211-2 Metro Çamlıca – Bilim University made an important announcement to the citizens using this line.

from EGO The announcement states that the route of the metro line Hospital 211-2-Chamlyja Mahallesi – Bilim University has been changed at the urgent request of citizens.

In addition, a new route has been changed in the announcement. Hospital 211-2 Metro Çamlıca Mahallesi – Timko Line It is reported that it will be valid from Monday, 09/04/2023.


Announced by the General Directorate of EGO lines 211-2 The re-routing statement included the following statements:

Requests and applications from our passengers who use our vehicles with the line number “211-2 Metro-Çamlıca Mahallesi -Bilim Üniversitesi Hospital” that deviate from the “Hospital Bus Departure Point” have been considered; “211-2 Metro-Chamlyk Mahallesi-Timko Hospital” was changed to the name of the pennant. The application will start on 09/04/2023 (Monday), and it is important to inform our passengers about this.”

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