Imitates Alejandro Fernández: This is how Natanael Cano sounds to the rhythm of the Mariachis | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- The successful youth singer born in Hermosillo, Sonora, managed to capture the attention of Instagram users by posting a video where imitated one of the most iconic artists of regional and ranchera music, Alejandro ‘el Potrillo’ Fernández.

And it is that Natanael Cano surprised all his followers of the platform by uploading the clip in which He appeared accompanied by a mariachi to perform one of the best-known songs from the repertoire of Fernández, it is “I dedicate myself to perderte”, a song belonging to his album Open heart, although the song is the work of another great musician, Leonel García.

However the creator of the so-called ‘lying corridos’ He also took the song as his own and wanted to make his best presentation in what seemed to be a hotel room, where, in the company of the musicians, they happily performed El Potrillo’s single.

Despite having made every effort to meet expectations, Natanael Cano managed to divide the opinions of the users, as some applauded his performance, while others did. severely criticized for believing that he had ruined the legacy of Alejandro Fernández, in addition to expressing that he was insulting his music.

What stood out the most from the negative comments was that the majority commented that, rather than singing, the interpreter of “Amor tumbado” was shouting the subject and that it was obvious that he lacked talent.

While his most loyal followers expressed that Cano was in a romantic mode and that he showed a ‘hurt’ side of him, and that as a result of this decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest representatives of Mexican regional music.

At the moment, the video published on the official account of the Sonoran artist has more than 410 thousand reproductions and more than a thousand comments from users who spoke about it and made it clear that there are hundreds of fans, but also haters.

“The most lying mariachi”, “My Natasha is hurting”, “Take out an album of those songs”, “Your voice is unique”, “I don’t know if the others have bad hearing, that man sings horrible”, “I sing better and I’m not lying to you “,” I’m not Nathanael’s biggest fan but this video makes me like him a little less “, “There is no talent, I sing better in the shower”, “Give it a try, compa. Sing it nice”, were just some of the expressions.

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