“I’m going to take a step to the side”

Although he had a contract until June 2023 at Rosario Central, Carlos Tevez announced the end of his cycle as technical director. “I’m leaving calmly and with my head held high,” he summed up after explaining the reasons why he is leaving El Canalla.

Next, the phrases of the Apache in a press conference:

“Communicate to the people of Central that I’m going to step aside. I will not continue in my role as coach. Thank people for banking me these almost 5 months. Also to thank my CT, the people who work at the club and the players. The most important thing is the shield in front of the names and that’s why I step aside thinking about the club. It is not convenient for anyone that I follow, I do not want to be an obstacle for anyone if there are new leaders or if those who are there stay.

“I think of Central and with the sale of Facundo and with some other player who is sold, whoever comes can make the contracts he wants.”

I did not come to do politics and when my name was put in politics I did not like it. It’s not fair to me because I’m not from the club. That is why I was not in Boca. Once I got into politics, I considered that it was not an even or normal game. I came to do good for Central and not for anything else. I will not give names”.



After confirming his resignation as DT of Rosario Central, El Apache explained at a press conference the reasons that led him to step aside.

“There is nothing else. I always said that Central’s shield comes first and not my name. I work in a serious way and I did not want to be an obstacle. It becomes very difficult to look straight ahead. The elections should have been last Sunday and not have been held for December. It grabs us all in the middle and you don’t know who to talk to. And they can get to pass them for next year. We spent almost 5 months with people whoring and coming to the court without knowing what was going to happen. I take a step to the side thinking of Central. There was no talk of projects but of Tevez. He was in an internship that he didn’t want to be in.”.

“I was not bothered by what Belloso said because I did not reply to the message. But I have codes and I’m surprised that Gonzalo doesn’t have them. Carloni brought me and I couldn’t get together with Belloso. Gonzalo surprises me that he doesn’t have codes. He bothered me that he’s not serious. That he send me a message and at the time everyone knew it ”.

“I gave a list of players to incorporate and those who were not going to be taken into account. But the most sensible thing was to step aside. The most important thing is that people can vote and come to do so in peace. I don’t want Carlos Tevez to be talked about in Central, that they propose serious projects and not names. People look me in the eye because I always went for the truth. Whoever comes or if these leaders stay, let them bring the technician they want. The club is not doing well and it is very difficult to work in that environment”.

“If the elections were on October 30, I would have continued. They ran them. The image I left is positive, although I had little time to prove it. I did not have a very large squad and I did have many young people that we promoted. It was sold to Facundo and it makes us happy to have empowered the young people. It hurts me to leave, but it was very difficult to project something serious that way.”

“I am convinced that trying to do the best for the club, people see it and feel it. We were here to change what is wrong, but we couldn’t. The people of the club saw in me a refuge, something serious. It hurts my soul to leave. I will always be grateful to the people of Central for their love and respect. I’m going to continue being a coach because I like it”.

“I did a crash course. There was talk of whether or not I graduated as a technician, but here it was an accelerated course. I’m leaving happy because I left everything, but also hurt. We tried to change things, but we couldn’t.”

“The beauty of Central is the people who are crazy. It is not common, it is not normal what the people of this club are. He filled the court in the last game against Colón”.



The former coach of Rosario Central explained why he did not attend to the candidate for president of the club.

“It was very hard to say goodbye to the boys. They saw me as a father who cared for them and protected them. Today they have an uncertain future. We were thinking about the preseason and today there is nothing. I took them as my children, we had a very nice relationship, that’s why I’m leaving sad. But I always went with the truth.

“They wanted to get me on a political train in which we did not play with the same tools. I always went with the truth, it hurts whoever it hurts. “I could not take charge of putting together a team with the elections in December.”

Carlitos leaves his post after 5 months and 24 games, with 6 wins, 11 draws and 7 losses. El Canalla finished in 20th place in the League Tournament and did not qualify for any international cup.

On December 18 there are elections in Rosario Central, with five candidates for president: Ricardo Carloni (current president), Gonzalo Belloso, Juan Cruz Rodríguez, Diego Lavezzi and Mario Moretti.

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