If you no longer have physical games, good news: the digital PS5, in stock and with a “discount”

For two years, the new Sony console appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye: the stock was tiny and evaporated as soon as units went on sale. But that’s over: we can finally talk about a stable stock for the PS5 and at affordable prices.

And it is that another very common problem is that the console went on sale with so many accessories that many people could not face that price. But now you can get a PS5 in a digital version for only 573.99 euros at Carrefour.

PS5 + God Of War: Ragnarok + PSN €50

It is the console in its digital editionso you can only play video games in that format. Includes the vainglorious God of War: Ragnarok and a prepaid card for PSN of 50 euros to buy the game (or games) that you want. And it is a pre-sale, but you will receive it before January 31, 2023.

But it is not the only PlayStation 5 that Carrefour sells. This store also offers a standard PlayStation 5 with the God of War: Ragnarök game in digital edition, the FIFA 23 game also in digital format, The Last of Us Part I in physical format and a second DualSense, all 823.95 euros and immediate shipping .

As you see, It is not so difficult to get a PS5 anymore, since it has a stable stock in most stores. In fact, you can also get different packs in other places, either online or in person.

Stores like Amazon, El Corte Inglés or MediaMarkt also have a PlayStation 5 in their ranks waiting to land in your living room. These are the options available to you right now to buy a PS5:

As you can see, you finally have options to choose from to get a PlayStation 5 and start the year with this great console and its dozens of outstanding titles in your living room. You no longer have an excuse to buy a PS5.

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