If you are looking for a box striker, this Icon can be very useful

If a few days ago we talked about an interesting option (quality/price ratio) for the position of MCDToday we want to advise another striker. But not for all FIFA 23 Ultimate Team users, just for those who are looking for an area DC. That is to say, someone who is very effective near the goal no matter how far away from it he barely gets vulgar. And in that case, our recommendation would be Butragueño Baby Icon. Although if your budget is higher and you want to make a leap in quality, you could sign its Medium version.

Stats in game Butragueño Icon Baby FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DC and SD. Its current price is 230,000 coins in the global market and 240,000 on PC. He has three stars for skills and five for bad leg, medium / medium work rate, Body Type “Delgado”, he is 1’68 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Review of Butragueño Baby Icon

Outside of the area, we feel that this card is even vulgar at times. Because even if it’s fast, his physical weakness makes him vulnerable while running at top speed. Apart from the fact that the vision (81) and short pass (80) stats are a bit low for this moment in FIFA 23.

Against demanding rivals, we can feel Butragueño Icono Baby inaccurate with shipments. It is normal for him to make the occasional unnecessary loss and it is difficult for him to do damage in the race to the typical top central Ultimate Team.

However, near the goal he is still a special footballer. Especially in the next-gen version of FIFA 23, there it stands out more than in old-gen. Because in the new generation, most of the players are rougher. So its fine driving is more valuable, we notice the difference from other options more.

His dribbling stats are no longer impressive, but still high and balanced. Y they look even better in short distances due to their physique, for being someone weak and of such short stature (1’68). Butragueño Icono Baby is quite reminiscent of Ben Yedder from other Ultimate Team seasons.

Although it does not go beyond three stars in watermarks, His bad leg five and electric dribbling are enough to make him very effective, generating his own scoring chances. And that, together with his precision when shooting, is what makes this Legend special.

That’s why we say that he is a box striker. If you’re looking for someone well-rounded who brings more to the rest of the pitch, we wouldn’t recommend him. But if your priority is to use a very unbalancing DC when receiving the ball near the goal, it is a good option. Because it is small but electric and very effective left or right handed.

Although his shooting power is not incredible (84), 91 completion hits perfection with Hunter as chemistry. And thanks to his 90 positioning, he also makes very smart unmarks. He knows how to position himself in the right place to receive the ball inside the box.

So is it worth it?

We recommend it or not depending on the type of striker you are looking for. If your priority is to use someone very effective inside the box, it is recommended. And if you prefer to run a more well-rounded DC that knows to team up better with its teammates or can be even more dangerous on long runs, then it wouldn’t be the ideal choice.

And we must comment that the Baby version is more interesting in formations with two forwards. If you play only at the point of attack, it is normal that you are somewhat limited against very advanced defenses. Because even though he is fast, his weak physique makes him a vulnerable footballer and it is difficult to damage the typical FIFA 23 rivals with very high depth. It is preferable that he be accompanied by a taller and stronger player.

The Medium version to give a quality leap

Stats in game Butragueño Medium Icon FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
It maintains the stars and positions of the Baby, but its work rate is medium/low instead of medium/medium. Its current price is 397,000 coins in the global market and 397,000 on PC.

Regarding the Baby, this card improves two points in rhythm, shooting and dribbling. In addition to receive a +6 in passing and physical. It stands out even more within the area, but above all we appreciate that it camouflages its main weaknesses.

Vision goes up from 81 to 90 and short pass from 80 to 84. Stop lazy as an assistant to be quite correct. In addition to that, since it gets +7 strength and is even more electric in driving, it is much less jarring in long races. In fact, sometimes we feel very fast in these types of actions.

While Butragueño Baby would be the “affordable” option, the Medium represents an interesting leap in quality in exchange for paying much more. We clearly don’t consider it a bargain, but if your budget is high, we do recommend it. He is a more complete striker, who generates more danger with spaces and bothers less when he has to assist his teammates. And logically, both are even more valuable for those Ultimate Team users who rarely use skills. Because in that case, the three of filigrees from him will be less damaging.

Recommended Chemistry Styles

  • Hunter: Although he is naturally fast, it is interesting that he has great pace because in the long races he will be more vulnerable due to his lack of height and strength. Apart from the fact that with this chemistry he will hit many scoring chances. It will not stand out for its shot power, but its completion will be perfect.
  • Engine (for Medium version): If you as a user are very precise when shooting and you don’t mind that it is less dangerous in long runs, you could apply this chemistry to make its quality even higher. He would receive +8 Balance (goes up to 97), +4 Agility (94), and +6 Dribbling (99). In addition to receiving four extra points of vision (94), short pass (88) and long pass (72).

The commented prices are marked by FUTBIN. Remember that We have a Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want us to notify you every time we upload FIFA 23 Ultimate Team content. and here you go Toni Kroos’ Winter Wildcards article. Good luck!

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