” If it weren’t for football, half of you would be working at McDonalds ”


All true fans of the Premier League know that the championship does not rest even at Christmas.

This is how the English league standings go

This Sunday, December 26, a new day will be played in England although it could be a rather atypical day for various clubs due to the increase in Covid-19 cases.

Faced with this scenario, Pep Guardiola Y Jurgen Klopp they spoke out against the famous ‘Boxing Day’ and raised objections. Even the coach of the Manchester City He spoke of a strike without imagining that a harsh response would come to him.

The former president of Crystal palace, Simon Jordan, attacked the two technicians on talkSPORT for the position they presented. “What if you pinch yourself to realize how lucky you are because if it weren’t for football, half of you would be working at McDonalds,” said the manager.

He added: ” I think there is a massive pushback with these positions, and I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Fans like this tradition. Have you forgotten where you are? What puts you where you are is precisely the demand for matches. If there were not this, neither you nor your colleagues would receive tens of millions of pounds a year. ”

The curse that haunts Guardiola in the Champions League

To close, Simon Jordan focused only on the DT of the City. “Pep can be successful, but I doubt he could do it without a checkbook. It’s enough. Play the damn game. Most of the players I know really want to play these games. ”

Manchester City will be measured against Leicester at home while the game of Liverpool ended up suspended against him Leeds from Bielsa. Everton-Burnley Y Wolverhampton-Watford They are the other duels that will not be played due to the pandemic.

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