“If I’m with Mauro it’s because …”

Wanda Nara confirmed & # xf3;  his talk with China Su & # xe1; rez in LAM


In the midst of the posts that show a Mauro Icardi and a Wanda Nara reconciled in Dubai, the media communicated with the driver of The angels of the morning and gave him some details of his current romantic situation. He also confirmed his trip to Argentina in December, the special with Susana Giménez and his talk with China Suárez.

While in the cycle of the thirteen They said that yesterday Zaira Nara got off an event due to “intoxication”, Ángel De Brito unexpectedly launched: “I spoke with Zaira and this morning I also spoke with Wanda. He sent me some pictures ”. To the amazement of his panelists, the host gave some details of the talk, although he first explained what had happened to his sister. “He had an event and at the last minute he called and said, ‘I’m sick. I got caught by a bad virus or got intoxicated. I had everyone at the hotel getting me ready and they had to leave, ‘”he read, replicating his exact words.

However, everyone wanted to know what Wanda had said to him, who in recent weeks became the most searched word. “This morning, 6.36am from here (in reference to the Argentine time) he sent me: ‘This is my number and he sends me a picture of his mate to start chatting (…) He confirmed that he is coming to Argentina in December and that he is going to do the interview with Susana ”, revealed the journalist.

As for the long-awaited special with the telephone diva, he said: “The special with Susana is about to be recorded, it will be three days from 19 to 23. ‘I don’t know what I’m going to say, I have grown children who suffered a lot and if I’m with Mauro is because … ‘”, De Brito read without finishing the sentence. True to his game of sowing mystery, the driver promised to complete the sentence later or by Monday.

But, at the insistence of his little angels, he blurted out a bit more: “We talked about Mauro, about China, about the other players who would have received calls and he confirmed a name for me. He also confirmed his talk with China Suárez ”, concluded the driver, who left the rest of the information for the next program.


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