Identical Twins Ignore Doctors Advice and Get Married, Look What Their Doctor Found

Identical Twins Brittney and Briana gripped the nation with their love story. Despite being close all of their lives, the twins never expected finding love to make them national celebrities.

After finally finding the loves of their lives, the sisters learned a shocking secret. Their soon to be husbands were also identical twins. And before long both sisters were pregnant!

While this seems too good to be true, it actually had some shocking consequences during their pregnancies.

An Unthinkable Challenge!

“He looked puzzled as he studied two pictures. Then, he hurried to check their medical charts and blood work. Briana and her sister became worried as the doctor seemed amazed and confused. He whispered, ‘How can this be?’ and looked at them with a bit of fear.”

A Truly Special Bond

Briana Deane and her twin sister Brittany were super close. They kept their dating lives private until things got serious. Usually, this was fine, but Briana regretted not speaking up this time.

Different but so Similar

The girls were special and different in their own ways, with likes, quirks, and attitudes of their own. For instance, Brittney enjoyed flying, but Briana was scared of it, which made vacations hard. But even though they were unique, they still faced life’s problems together.

A Tough Upbringing

Brittney thought back to a scary time at the hospital when they were little. They were both in pain and struggling to breathe. Their parents were upset with the doctors. This made them not trust doctors, and this feeling would be challenged sooner than they expected.

Always Keeping Secrets

Briana met her future husband, Josh Salyers, at a twins festival in Ohio. He had a twin too, named Jeremy. While Brittany and Jeremy talked, Briana and Josh felt a special connection. They fell in love and Briana had to tell Brittany about it. However, Brittany had her own secret to share.

A Good Surprise

Briana saw her sister’s face change to surprise and amazement when she shared about Josh Salyers. It all made sense when Brittany revealed that she had been dating Jeremy, Josh’s twin, and things were getting serious for them too.

Living Together

The girls had big dreams of a beautiful wedding and all four of them living in one house. They wanted to stay very close and be together. But before that, there was something important they needed to take care of. They would soon learn that things might not turn out like the fairy tale they imagined.

A House Call

They needed to see a doctor. They really just wanted to talk to a midwife, but their family convinced them to go to a plain office that smelled like cleaning stuff. Places like this usually had sad news. When the doctor came in with a little frown, they got nervous. Was something wrong?

Warning Signs

As Brianna and her sister were in their late thirties, they thought it would be a good idea to have a fertility check, just to be safe. But when they mentioned to the doctor that they were dating identical twins, they were really surprised by the doctor’s response. Even though they were found to be fertile, the doctor advised them against starting a family with their unusual partners. However, Brittany and Briana didn’t pay much attention to this advice.

Twin Proposals 

Not much time passed before both Josh and his twin, Jeremy, proposed to Briana and Brittany at the same time. Just like how the twins had always done things, they did everything together. They got married together and even bought a house together. Everything looked good, but Briana couldn’t forget the serious warning from the doctor that was always in the back of her mind.

A Remarkable Wedding

Brittney and her sister Briana became famous when they got engaged to another set of identical twins. Everyone talked about it, and even TLC wanted to film and show their wedding on TV. This was a wonderful and unique experience, unlike anything they had gone through before this special day.

A Hurricane of Love

Briana felt excited and teary-eyed as she walked down the aisle to get married, with her best friend and twin sister by her side. The happiness continued during their honeymoon. But before too long, both of them found out they were pregnant. Even though the news was amazing, it came with some not-so-good things too.

One Small Problem

Briana couldn’t shake the feeling that something might be wrong with their plans. Maybe their ideas about life were mistaken. She held her growing belly and wished she had paid more attention to the doctor’s words. Why did he advise them against having a family? Troubles were approaching.

Refusing to Quit

Brittany lost her baby when she was three months pregnant. Since Briana was four weeks behind her, she worried the same thing might happen to her. Unfortunately, her worry came true. Just like her sister, Briana also lost her baby at the same time. It was really sad, but it didn’t stop them from moving forward.

Increasing Difficulties

Less than six months later, Briana and Brittany were pregnant again. This time, everything went well and they saw their doctor more often. However, they got another warning. The doctor reminded them how uncommon their situation was and how they didn’t know much about the consequences of such a rare medical case.

Refusing to Accept Advice

The doctor sat in front of them and sighed. ‘Ladies, I had asked you to discuss starting a family with me first.’ Briana’s neck hairs bristled in frustration. ‘No, you told our mom that,’ she snapped. He shook his head and took out a folder.

Unprofessional Advice

He showed them their medical history – both hers and Brittany’s. He started talking about tests, health, getting ready for pregnancy, and a lot of other medical terms. She held her husband’s hand tighter. Who was he to say they couldn’t have kids yet? She was about to argue, but what he said next was really sad.

Genetic Problems

The doctor continued talking and said that because of their previous genetic problems and the tests they were doing on their husbands, there was a chance their babies could inherit the same genetic issues. In simple words, their children might be as sick as they were when they were babies.

Diverging Thoughts

It’s definitely up to you and your decision, the doctor explained, I just hope you had come to us earlier so we could plan better. Now, we’ll need to keep a close eye and be cautious. Briana leaned against her husband, tears streaming down her face. Her mind was a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts.

Slim Odds

First, she really disliked hospitals. But second, she felt responsible for her family’s safety and health. Babies were like a mix of genes, but being identical twins brought a unique set of chances. Then, the doctor focused on their scans.

A Shocking Discovery

He looked surprised as he studied the two pictures he held. Then, he hurried to check their medical charts and blood work. Something didn’t add up. Briana and her sister watched with more worry as the doctor examined their scans and test results. What was catching his attention?

Sharing a Secret

“Is everything alright?” Briana asked, looking at her sister on the ultrasound table next to her. Then, the doctor seemed to pause in his thoughts. He looked surprised and let out a deep breath. His hands dropped as he walked over to the twins. What was happening? Was this related to his warning? But what he was going to say was much more unexpected than anyone could have imagined, even himself.

Genetic Surprise!

The doctor pulled up a chair and sat with the twins. He started explaining what the test results were revealing. The uncertainty had worried him, but now things were getting clearer. Despite Briana and Brittany having babies from different fathers and mothers, their babies were actually cousins. This means…

Great News

Genetically, Briana and Brittany’s children, whether they’re born or still to come, and if they stay with their partners, will always be like full brothers and sisters to each other… even though they have different moms and dads. Their doctor added, For an OB doc, this is like winning the lottery. It’s really that unusual! For the couples, this discovery felt just like winning the lottery indeed.

All Smiles

But for now, they needed to rest together. They looked at their growing bellies and laughed about their matching cravings for pickles and Starburst candies. And whenever something felt off, they held onto each other tightly.

Here they Come!

Eight months and two weeks passed, and Brianna went into labor first. Just a few hours later, as if following the twin pattern, Brittney’s water broke. The hardest part was being apart. She held onto her husband’s arm and pushed one last time. The sound of cries filled the delivery room.

Shared Pain

Wave after wave of pain swept over Briana, but she held on, knowing her sister was likely enduring the same thing. They had disregarded all the warnings and advice. It was their own lives and their decision. All they could do was hope for relief and for the truth to become clear.

Tears of Happiness

Even though there was a big chance of problems, she cried tears of happiness when she found out both babies were completely healthy. They had lucked out in terms of their genes and wouldn’t have to face the struggles they did. Still, as they held their tiny babies, they both decided they would consult a doctor before thinking about having more children.

Going Viral

Briana, Brittany, and their husbands were really happy that their kids would be siblings, especially since they’d be living in a house with four parents! But not everyone felt as excited when they heard about the twins’ special story. Reporters and journalists rushed to talk to them, and they agreed to the interviews. However, the news spread quickly, and so did different viewpoints.

Unprecedented Situation

TLC understood how special the Deane sisters’ wedding was and showed the whole documentary of their wedding ceremony called Our Twinsane Wedding. Their wedding was all about Twice Upon a Time, and even the ministers marrying them were identical twins. Now, with the news of the new babies in the Salyer family, the four of them have become even more famous.

Is It Even Possible?

It’s quite rare for identical twins to meet and marry other identical twins. So, it’s no wonder that the tale of the Deane sisters and Salyer brothers caught the curiosity of many people online and on TV. Lots of folks found the whole story really fascinating and the media paid a lot of attention to it. While most of the attention was good, some people had different thoughts.

Living the Good Life

Some folks didn’t agree with how close Briana and Brittany were with their married lives and choices. They thought it was weird that the couples lived together in the same house and wanted to raise their families together. But for Briana and Brittany, it felt right, and there were many reasons behind their decision.

They are Happy

Briana and Brittany both work at the same law firm, and Jeremy and Josh have jobs together too. This makes it simple for them to go to work together. Both sets of twins are really close and can’t imagine being away from their twin, so it also saves on gas going back and forth between their houses. It’s definitely a very unique way to live, but it suits them.

Always The Same Question

Briana, her sister, and their husbands felt like life was really good. Even though there were always people criticizing their choices, they didn’t let negativity affect them. While Briana and Brittany are open about their decisions, there’s one question that often comes up…

Does Anyone Get Confused

Whenever they give interviews, people always ask if the couples have mixed up or accidentally kissed the wrong twin. But the girls are quick to clarify: that has never happened. In fact, Brittany even mentioned that it’s strange for people to think about such things.

A Life Plan

Brittany and Brianna want to raise their kids with all four parents, but that’s not the only thing. They actually intended to become pregnant at the same time, which needed a lot of planning and some luck. If Brittany was pregnant, I’d prefer to be pregnant too, Briana said. Being pregnant at different times would be hard, especially with the physical changes happening.

Shocking Similarities

Briana and Brittany fully understand the one-of-a-kind life they’ve decided to live and how others might see it. Even before meeting their future husbands, they planned to create a blog showing pictures of them dressing and living identically. But there’s another thing that connects Jeremy and Josh to Brittany and Brianna.

Kindred Spirits

If you can believe it, there’s even more symmetry: Briana was the first twin born, just like Jeremy, while Brittany and Josh were both second. Truly destined for each other, completely similar in every way! Even to the smallest things, these two pairs were meant to be. After their babies were born, the four of them were overjoyed! Everything had worked out perfectly.


It’s almost like the two sets of twins were meant for each other right from the beginning. Maybe that’s why Brittany felt drawn to Jeremy and Brianna to Josh – like they somehow knew which twin was most like them. If you read about it in a story, you’d think it was too ideal, but it’s really true!

The Stars Aligned

Everything had to fall into place just right. I’m getting to marry the man I’ve always wanted, and at the same time, I can look beside me and see my twin sister marrying her dream man, Brittany expressed in an interview. The chances of something like this happening are quite amazing. And for the Salyer couples, all their childhood dreams have actually come true!

To ensure the confidentiality of the individuals portrayed, certain names, locations, and identifying details have been altered and are purely fictional creations. Any similarities to real events, places, or persons, whether alive or deceased, are purely coincidental.

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