Idalia, hurricane approaching Florida could be unbearable

It will soon reach the coast of Florida with wind gusts up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Residents on Florida’s northwest coast were warned of life-threatening coastal flooding on Tuesday during a call about the expected impact of the approaching Hurricane Idalia. Local emergency officials said the floods could create “inevitable” conditions and drew attention to the mandatory evacuation of coastal areas.

They stressed the need to prepare for an unprecedented storm in the affected area of ​​Florida that could cause catastrophic destruction.Tuesday at a press conference at the White House Deann Criswellthe director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), asked people living in the affected areas to follow the instructions of the authorities. Ron DeSantis On Tuesday, the governor reiterated his call to evacuate the coast and asked residents living along the hurricane’s suspected path to take all precautions.

Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp also declared a state of emergency for part of the state expected to reach the center of the hurricane on Wednesday. In Florida, 1,100 National Guard soldiers and tens of thousands of professionals were put on standby as early as Monday to address and prepare for expected power outages caused by the passage of the storm as soon as possible. tried to reinforce the wires.


As a precautionary measure, the most valuable exhibits of the Dali Museum operating there were preserved in the city of St. Petersburg. Outside of Spain, the Florida cultural institution has the largest Dali collection in the world. The museum was built in 2011 in such a way as to withstand even the strongest hurricanes.

On Tuesday, oil company Chevron evacuated oil rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico during the passage of the hurricane.

At noon local time on Tuesday, Hurricane Idalia, which reached a Category 2 level, was about 400 kilometers off the northwest coast of Florida over the Gulf of Mexico. According to meteorologists, the storm zone will continue to intensify and will reach the coast of Florida north of the city of Tampa with wind gusts of 200 kilometers per hour as a Category 3 hurricane. After Florida, it will move over the state of Georgia, then in the second half of the week it will touch South and North Carolina and, leaving the land somewhat weakened, will disappear over the Atlantic Ocean.


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