‘I’d like to go to jail’…40-year-old man who was attacked indiscriminately on the subway after leaving an orphanage due to corona

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A woman in her 40s was arrested for indiscriminately assaulting a citizen she had never met. When this woman was released from the homeless shelter where she lived with Corona, it was determined that she had committed the crime of saying, “I want to go to jail.”

According to police on the 29th, the Gangseo Police Station in Seoul is detaining and investigating a woman in her 40s who is suspected of causing bodily harm.

Mr. A is accused of pushing a woman in her 60s who was following her while using the escalator at Seoul Subway Line 9 Deungchon Station at around 4:20 pm on the 27th, and punched and kicked her.

The police, who arrived after receiving the testimony of witnesses, arrested Mr. A. as a red-handed criminal. The victim was a man who had nothing to do with Mr. A, but received emergency treatment because the back of his head had been torn as a result of Mr. A’s crime.

Mr. A told the police that he committed the crime out of pessimism. He lived in a homeless shelter three years ago, and when he was recently released from the hospital due to corona, he committed the crime of being pessimistic about his situation with nowhere to go.

A police spokesman said, “As to the cause of the crime, Mr. A said, ‘After I left the shelter, I had nowhere to go.’ “I wanted to go to jail,” he said.

The police applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A on the charge of bodily harm, and on the same day the court issued an arrest warrant, stating: “There are concerns about the escape.”

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