Ibáñez valued what the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy represents for the province

The Minister of Economy, Treasury and Finance, Dr. Jorge Ibáñez, referred to the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center located in the capital city of Formosa, which will be inaugurated soon by Governor Gildo Insfrán in the company of the President of the Nation Alberto Fernández, as as recently announced.

The Formosa News Agencyagreed to statements provided by the official, who appreciated the start-up of the hospital, stating that “it is working very well, since the professionals from Formosa are doing an excellent job.”

To this statement, he added that “it has permanent monitoring, carried out by the national regulatory authorities.”

“Currently there are around 95 patients, of which half do not have social work, that is, they are referred by the provincial health system” and he stressed that we are talking about citizens who “could not afford the expense that cancer treatment requires ”.

In reference to those who do have medical coverage, he explained that they are from different provincial, national and private social works.

“We are formulating agreements, in such a way that the Formoseña or Formoseña who has the misfortune of suffering from this disease and has to be treated does not have to do it in another province,” he said.

Ibáñez once again insisted that “we are very happy with how it is running” and said: “We are going to continue with the remaining stages. This is going to culminate with the cyclotron, which is the radioisotope factory, which is going to take a while”.

In this regard, he indicated: “We believe that next year we are going to install the PED, which is a device that allows once the patient has finished the treatment, the doctors can do a study that allows them to see their condition and determine if he is fully recovered or if he requires another procedure.

He explained that “this very important service belongs to the State, in the sense that those who do not have resources are treated exactly the same as those who do have medical coverage.”

Summarizing, the head of the economic portfolio, stated that apart from “being an extraordinary advance”, it is one of the “most ambitious works of Governor Gildo Insfrán, which when fully completed (with the preparation of radioisotopes) will be unique in all of northern Argentina”.

Finally, he highlighted: “The Center for Nuclear Medicine has two large areas, that of physicists, made up of personnel from Formosa trained and trained in Buenos Aires, who are responsible for maintaining the equipment, which are very modern devices and must be maintained on 365 days a year” and, on the other hand, “that of the doctors, who treat the patients”.

“They are two very good teams of Formoseños and Formoseños and every day more personnel will have to be trained for this,” he concluded.

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