“I wasn’t happy anymore, not even after beating Barcelona”


One of the news that is giving what to talk about in European football is the official announcement that he made Martin HintereggerAustrian player of the EintrachtFrankfurt of Germany.

At just 29 years of age, the central defender announced his withdrawal professional football and has had no problem explaining why.

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“I was no longer happy when I won, not even against Barcelona,” he said. Martin Hinteregger.

“In the fall I started thinking about retiring at the end of the season. I was in a very difficult stage in sporting terms: my performance was irregular. I no longer enjoyed each victory so much and the defeats hurt me twice as much”, said the one who was the captain of the Frankfurtnoted for his strength and power from set pieces.

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Martin was a key piece in the conquest of the German team in the last Europa League, where they left even the Barcelona by Xavi Hernandez.

The former Leipzig and Salzburg player discovered that there is happiness beyond football: “In the autumn, when I wasn’t playing so much, I realized how beautiful life is when you’re not under pressure.”

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Hinteregger He revealed what he is going to do now after deciding to hang up his tacos. “I’m going to disconnect. I’ve already taken much of the burden off myself. Now I am going to dedicate myself to flying in a helicopter and, hopefully, transporting a fan on board, ”she assured.

Markus Krösche, sporting director of the Eintrachtaccepted the decision of Hinteregger. “Martin’s decision surprised us, but he explained his point of view and his reasons in an impressive and convincing way. We don’t hesitate to fulfill this sportingly painful desire, but humanly so understandable”.

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