‘I was always a starter’; Donnarumma complains about competing with Keylor

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The brand new signing from Donnarumma with PSG was one of the most popular in the winter market, but it seems that the Italian begins to regret to make that decision, since is not falling in grace must share the bow with Keylor Navas, as he was used to ‘always being a starter’.

Pochettino has tried to play both archers between all his commitments, because sometimes Keylor is present in the Ligue 1 and Donnarumma in the Champions League, but now it is beginning to be an issue that bothers him.

What did Donnarumma say about it?

Speaking to ‘TNT Sports, Donnarumma recognized that is hurt by not being the owner of PSGWell, normally he played every minute and had more prominence, but that has gone down.

Despite the annoyance the Italian recognized that he works evenly of his companions and what competition with Keylor Navas does not affect your performance, but he did make it clear that he hopes the situation will be resolved.

“It doesn’t interfere with my performance. But personally it bothers me because it is not easy. As you said, I was always a starter and sometimes it hurts to be on the bench. But I am calm and confident that the situation will be resolved, “said Donnarumma.

In days past he had commented that Donnarumma could leave PSG If you are not the undisputed owner of the team, since your agent, Mino Raiola, I would find him a new team.

Previous to sign with him PSG alwaysand there was talk of Juventus, but now the names of the Newcastle, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and many others from Europe.

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