“I think Angela is not going to succeed”: Majo Aguilar admits that her cousin has no talent; so was the joke | VIDEO

It has always been rumored that between Majo Aguilar and Ángela Aguilar there is a strong musical rivalry, they do not get along and only when they are in front of cameras or at some events do they exchange moments and words.

Now it has been Majo Aguilar who confessed what he thinks about the talent of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, the young woman was invited to a television program where she was questioned about what she thought of the voice of her cousins.

“You belong to a talented family, it is known, full of singers, composers, musicians, two of them cousins ​​of yours, children of your uncle Pepe Aguilar, that’s why they are your cousins, if we focus on them Who do you think has the better voice, Leonardo or Angela?, questioned Pedro Prieto to Majo.

Although the young woman did not want to answer, she gave the matter a lot of thought and even said that she would give an answer and that the next day she would apologize to one of them so as not to have problems.

But that was when the question was changed and now he had to answer Who sings worse? and as a joke he replied: “The voice that I cannot bear that I hate, I think Angela is not going to succeedAngela does not know how to sing, she made a mistake in her career, she does it very badly, she is not going to win anything ”, she declared,

And although it was all part of the show and the hosts joked with NiceSome of the fans of the Aguilar dynasty say that he could have said what he really feels and take advantage of the moment to express his truth.

It should be remembered that Majo Aguilar is promoting his first Mariachi album entitled “My inheritance, my blood”, the star also continues with the sale of merchandise online and his YouTube channel.

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