I spent the night testing Steam Next Fest demos and these are the ones you can’t miss for the world

Although we have already commented here on two of the demos that are hitting the most in the Steam Next Fest, the promising adventures of Gunbrella and Undecember, last night we have been diving through the catalog of demos of the platform to be able to bring you the ones that we liked the most. Here you have them.

The best demos from Steam Next Fest


You already know that I have a devotion for management games, but here the idea goes a step further when it comes to being appetizing with an even crazier idea, creating our own underwater city like Rapture from Bioshock. It will arrive sometime in the last quarter of the yearbut today it already seems to be loaded enough with content to keep us hooked for a good season.


We continue with the management of resources and the creation of cities but we add two more layers, those of the social component of a world in decline devastated by climate change, and that of the strategy when annexing other towns to avoid having to fight for some increasingly scarce resources. A different proposal to what we are used to in this type of game that will land next November 15.

friends vs friends

Hand in hand with the people of Madrid Brainwash Gang comes this surreal mix of garish colors, gunshots, and ability cards. The idea is to get involved in shooting against another player while we are changing between the different abilities that the deck that we have created offers, either preventing the opponent from jumping or enhancing the damage of our bullets. For now, there is no official release date.

What happened to F-Zero, Nintendo's dizzying and revolutionary futuristic racing saga


Without a doubt, the one I want the most from the entire list, and also one of the ones that will arrive before, specifically the next October the 17th. The idea behind Potionomics is to create our own potion store with a lot of weight in resource management, puzzles when it comes to shaping new concoctions and special attention to improving the store itself. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, letters.

Rhythm Sprout

Fans of rhythm games are in for a treat with this aspiring indie gem. Turning classic key-pressing mechanics into the proper rhythm, this Rhythm Sprout wants to turn the mythical Guitar Hero into an action adventure in which to go through levels and smash bosses with sword blows. Very fun and with a lot of potential when it comes to reinventing existing levels. This will come to early 2023.

Ship of Fools

Not many cooperative games usually fall from the sky with such an important weight in that very thing, to cooperate, so the idea of ​​peeking into a roguelike in which working together with another player becomes essential is most striking. Team17 promises to give us this nice adventure next November 22thso we’ll have to stay tuned to see if it ends up looking as good as it seems.

Pixels by Chris Columbus.  Adam Sandler captains a pre-cooked comedy with retro video games as the only hook


A twist to the classic isometric view action RPG in which two worlds as striking as Diablo and Borderlands seem to have come together. That Raw Fury is behind always gives some confidence, but the truth is that what has been seen so far with that comic-style roll looks very good. We have to wait to know its release date.

The Knight Witch

We close with another aspiring jewel that arrives from Valencian lands, the promising The Knight Witch from Super Mega Team. A mixture of shoot’em up and metroidvania with spectacular art and a most striking proposal full of magic, cards and a hell of bullets that will be a delight to dodge. Still no release date, but should arrive sometime this 2022.

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