‘I have to keep smiling’: Celine Saffre, the famous mother, talks about the terrible ordeal she is going through

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The mother from Big Families, Life in XXL (TF1) had something to say to her Instagram community this Monday. Sad news, even if she tries to “keep smiling”.

‘I need to keep smiling’: Celine Saffre reveals what a terrible ordeal she is going through Dailymotion

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Celine Saffre, Large families, life in XXL (TF1), just recently became pregnant with her tenth child, she told her Instagram followers this Monday, August 28th. But the mother of Paul, Jean, Adele, Louis, Charles, Marcel, Rose, Valentine and Augustin then experienced an unpleasant surprise when she found out, together with her husband Fabrice, that she had a miscarriage …short cohabitation lasting only 7 weeks“, she clarifies with regret, before anticipating and responding to those who will reproach her for wanting to expand her family a little more.

I can already hear some people saying that we should stop at 9, but no one knows what the future holds for us, and Fabrice and I are the only ones who choose our lives (others’ lives are just OTHERS’ LIFE).” she insisted on the flashback before returning to her miscarriage. She, in part, explained that she felt that something abnormal was going on: “Days pass, and on August 16 (Paul’s birthday), after going to the toilet, I notice traces of blood. You will not tell me anything disturbing, but inside I am worried and I need to be calmed down. Toddlers nap and adults in calm weather, Fabrice looks after them as I rush to the emergency room to find out more. My turn comes and after examination it turns out that everything is in order and I even find out that the baby’s heart is beating.“.

People will always find an excuse

He is asked not to worry, but “the more days pass, the more bleeding increases“Then she decides.”return to emergency“before we do it to him”follow-up ultrasound“, at the end of which she will be asked again not to worry. The child is still here. But the mother has doubts, and therefore she wants to know the opinion of the obstetrician, who has been observing her from the very beginning of the pregnancy. She will then find out then that she will not have tenth child.I come home and after an hour the baby leaves my belly” she says, adding: “It’s crazy to think that an hour ago I could still hear the beating of his little heart..”

An ordeal that she nonetheless wishes to cross with positivism:”I am putting this into perspective because we are lucky to have nine wonderful kids in great shape. I have to keep smiling and move on. Even if every day is not easy, I am making progress. A thought to all those women who are going through this difficult ordeal.“.Message that the one who entered the “procedure” with the production Large families, life in XXL To conclude, once again be wary of the furious messages she may receive following this publication: “People will always find an excuse for this miscarriage (your body is too tired, you are too old, your child is not viable), in short, no words, no excuses will return the smile to these women. Only time will do its job. No judgment is allowed under this post“.

Luckily, the majority of Internet users have been very kind, especially wishing him.”Good luck“.

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