I hammered and Xavi Hernández in the FC Barcelona

All footballers have to be an hour and a half before training to have breakfast or eat together. The mobile phone is prohibited in the locker room during halftime and in the pre-matches and players are not allowed to take certain extra-sports trips. The aforementioned are some of the rules adopted by the new FC Barcelona coach, the former mythical culé midfielder Xavi Hernández, who has arrived with the mission of lifting the culé team after the departure of the Dutch Ronald Koeman.

As the coach has stated during his presentation, “order” and “rules” will be the key to the new Barça that you want to build. It is because of that It was speculated that he was responsible for the veteran defender Gerard Piqué suspending his participation in the television program “El Hormiguero”. However, the defender has denied this version, which has circulated in various sports media in Spain.

“People have their say, because the media say what they want people to hear. People consume and read, the problem is one of those who invent”, Piqué has explained on the Ibai Llanos Twitch channel, in the announcement of the presentation of the new eSports team that both have founded.

Piqué’s clarification

“Xavi doesn’t even know that I have canceled my visit to El Hormiguero,” added the footballer, referring to the invitation the Barça player received to attend the television program to present the Davis Cup.. In addition, he clarified that he will not attend the face-to-face event that will take place in the capital of the Spanish state. In his speech, the footballer took the opportunity to state that he agrees with Xavi’s philosophy to manage the group.

“When there are rules, it is not necessary for the coach to be tough. As a player, when I was in a locker room where there were rules, it was good for us. When there were no rules, it was bad for us. It is not discipline, it is order”, sentenced.

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