‘I don’t talk to him anymore’: Michel Sardou, that gentle and loyal comrade he’s ‘angry’ with

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Curious by nature, Bertrand is always looking for the slightest sensation. Passionate about football, he is never far from football and all the news that is associated with it. However, show business and political events are also part of his preferred journalism research.

This Monday, August 28, at the premiere of “Pascal Proud” on the channel “Europe 1”, Michel Sardu announced his news, revealing, in particular, to a journalist that he was “angry” at a creature that he nevertheless loves very much …

Michel Sardou is a guest on the Pascal Proud program he sponsors. daily movement

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Pascal Proud has just debuted on Europe 1 this Monday, August 28th. All year round, from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 13:00, he returns within two hours to all the topics that make up the news of the day. Listeners will be asked to respond throughout the broadcast. He will also receive personalities, as was the case this morning for his return. Indeed, the 58-year-old journalist was in the company of Michel Sardou. sponsor of this new meeting entitled Pascal Proud and you.

Thus, an opportunity for a huge singer to communicate his news, who throughout July and August remained in peace at home, with his wife, Anne-Marie Perrier, his dogs, as well as his parrot, with whom he, moreover, “wicked“.For the simple and good reason that the animal has it”bitten“.”It hurts. So now I talk to him more…“, – he explained. A funny anecdote, when we already found one about this bird on the pages Western France in May last year.

Indeed, Regine Kurzidlo, mayor of the small village of Vauville (Calvados), where Michel Sardou and his wife owned the La Jole estate, which they recently sold, remembered the bird. Showing, in particular, that he is capable of “from sing lake connemara, Michel Sardou’s flagship work was recently criticized by Juliette Armane, who described the music as “filthy” AND “rights(the artist also replied to her this morning, simply explaining what she said”bullshit” And “It happens to everyone“.

More fear than harm

The chosen one also remembered the day when the beast made herself beautiful: “One day their parrot ran away and Ms Sardu asked me to put up a poster. Shortly after that, my niece, who lived in my house, called me and said: “There is Michel Sardou’s parrot on the terrace!”“”. Thus, she was found, which certainly made it easier for her famous owner.

Note that Michel Sardou will return to the stage in October next year as part of his tour. I remember goodbye.

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