“I don’t feel like a human anymore.” Japanese man spends 3 million yen to become a wolf

Toru Ueda, an engineer from Tokyo, dreamed of turning into a wolf since childhood.

“When I look in the mirror, I see a wolf and I find it very inspiring,” said Ueda. As a child, he saw realistic animal costumes on TV and, accordingly, wanted the same costume for himself.

The costume took over 50 days to complete and Ueda said he was “amazed” by the final product. Putting on the costume was a “powerful experience”.

The maker of the Zeppet suit says demand for the suit has increased, with more than 50 people ordering the suit apart from Ueda.

It was previously reported that a Japanese man known only as Toco on Twitter spent 2 million Japanese yen, or about 12,800 euros, to create a realistic collie costume that would make him look like a real animal.

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