“I ask my mom to wake up”: Carmen Salinas’s daughter shares her birthday wish | VIDEO

Mrs Maria Eugenia Plascencia Salinas, daughter of the renowned actress and comedian of the Mexican artistic milieu, Carmen Salinas placeholder image, spoke about the delicate state in which his mother is, after continuing in a coma in a hospital, derived from a cerebrovascular accident that occurred in the past Thursday, November 11 on the Mexico City.

Carmelita as affectionately recognized by the people, her friends and fellow actors, lost consciousness due to a stroke and since then has not been able to regain consciousness despite the fact that her organs are in good condition, but the coma is what keeps her in serious condition and according to her nephew, Jorge Nieto, They hope for a miracle so that Carmelita can wake up from the coma.

Before that, his daughter expressed before various media who are gathered outside the hospital where the Mexican actress, that she would very much like to receive on her birthday (tomorrow, Sunday, November 14), the gift that her mother wakes up and can recover.

“I ask my mother to wake up, because tomorrow is my birthday and I will give her that”

They distribute sandwiches to the media

Maria Eugenia She also thanked the media representatives for keeping up with her mother’s health, and as a show of support and gratitude, between her and her husband, distributed refreshments, to the reporters, fountain cameramen and photographers, who have not separated from the site to know minute by minute the state of health of the Mexican actress.

In accordance with Maria Eugenia Plascencia, This present that he offered to the media would have been something his mother would do without any problem.

And it is not something strange, Carmen Salinas placeholder image has always been characterized as a very altruistic and shared person with the media, his colleagues and with people in general, he has a big heart and that is recognized without haggling.


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