“I am looking forward to getting to Olympia”


Tick, tock, tick, tock, the hands of the clock move and the left side Carlos “Mango” Sanchezknows that he is one step away from putting on the shirt of Olympia. It’s a matter of time.

The far left and former of Life it is clear that his desire is to play with the most popular in the country and even more so now that the good criteria of DT have reached his ears Peter Troglio.

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“He is a player who has had a past at Motagua and has not performed, but Mango gives you the set piece and that has cost us,” the Argentine strategist told Cinco Deportivo.

“Everything depends on us reaching an agreement”

In this context, Diez spoke with the left-hander and stressed that he has taken Troglio’s words in the best way and therefore, “I am happy that a coach like him speaks well of me. That fills me with motivation, because he has seen my work. I am waiting to reach an agreement to join the team”.

“I am flattered that a coach like Pedro Troglio’s category speaks well of me. That motivates me to do things well and first God can have him as a coach, “said the former Motagua player.

“Most of us players like to play in big teams and Olimpia is the biggest team in the country, it would be nice to get to Olimpia and everything depends on us reaching good terms and fixing things,” said Sánchez, while assuring Ten who have held high-level talks with the Olympic board.

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“I have spoken with directors of the Olimpia club and I am waiting for me to stay, first God everything is for the best and I can stay in the team,” he said.

“This week we are going to define with Olimpia,” Sánchez advanced, while adding that he has offers from other teams in the National League.


“El Mango” announced that Olimpia made him a financial proposal at the table and then he sent a counter offer and “now I am waiting for them to call me” and “these days we will make a decision, for my part I am eager to arrive to Olympia.”

“I agree and of course Olimpia is a great showcase for any player, I am no exception and my wish is to play in Olimpia, but I am waiting for the managers to make a decision”, indicated the left winger.

free agent

Finally, the left-hander elaborated that “I had a six-month contract with Vida, but we reached an agreement due to the incidents we had last tournament and I decided to end the contract and stay on good terms. I am now a free agent.”

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