“I am an incomparable talent”

Keke Palmer is a of the main actresses of ‘¡NOP!’the new adventure from director Jordan Peele in the horror film, which continues to give its vindictive component as you can see in the trailer above.

Its leading actress, although apparently there is part of the public for whom she is unknown, the truth is that she already has a prominent career in the world of acting, from the age of 11. Now with 28, she already begins to embark in larger productions.

But this does not spare you from comparisonslike the one made by a Twitter user, mentioning parallels between her career and that of Zendayamore generally known. “I would like someone to talk about the similarities and differences between the careers of Keke Palmer and Zendayaand about what role colorism plays in hollywood. They were both child stars, but their popularity is very different.”

With “colorism”these criticisms on the net insinuate that if Keke Palmer is not so well known today, it is because of their skin color. Something to which the actress herself has responded from her Twitter account to negate any comparison that they can do with Zendaya or with another actress.

Keke Palmer and Zendaya

Keke Palmer and Zendaya | Getty Images

“A great example of colorism is believe that I can be compared to anyone. I am the youngest talk show host in history, the first black woman to have her own Nickelodeon series, and the first and youngest black Cinderella on Broadway”, he has sentenced. “I am an incomparable talent. Sweetie, THIS is Keke Palmer“.

With those words he has presented himself to attest that he has his own career to talk about her, and that she doesn’t need comparisons with other actresses. Also wanted to mention the new movie by Jordan Peelein a response to his own tweet.

“I have had leading roles from the age of 11. I’m credited over 100 times, and I’m currently starring in an original film that is going to be number one at the box office, ‘NOP!'”has added in the social network.

He also wanted to show his gratitude for this career that he boasts: “I feel blessed for this run so farI can’t ask for more, but God keeps surprising me.”

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