Hydrogen-powered jet sows hope for greener travel

06/21/2022 at 18:34


The jets of billionaire travelers are one of the main reasons why air travel is very unfriendly to the environment

This new jet promises great efficiency with very little impact

A jet-like aircraft known as the Celera 500 Lan aircraft that could be incredibly friendly to the environment by making short haul flights become possible again without emitting tons of CO2.

Otto Aviation is the company behind the Celera 500 L, a small aircraft that is capable of reduce its aerodynamic drag by 60% thanks to its rounded shapes. The engineers have managed to optimize the airflow along the fuselage so that it does not interrupt the flight and there is less resistance when flying.

The plane thus becomes a much more efficient vehicle in its consumption. It has a small 500-horsepower engine that consumes 80% less fuel than planes of its size according to Journal Du Geek. The vehicle has been tested in 55 flights and it seems that things are working but… What if the 500 horsepower engine is replaced by a hydrogen battery?


Otto Aviation has announced a big change for its prototype. The brand has just partnered with ZeroAvia to replace the current combustion engine with a hydrogen fuel cell. With the latter, the two companies they hope the plane can fly more than 1,500 kilometers.

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