Hulu: The series you should be watching before The Crown returns to Netflix

Before The Crown makes its long-awaited return to Netflix to stream its fifth season, you should take a break from all the drama on the British royals and take a breather and watch this other Hulu series.

Everyone’s favorite fictional dramatization of palace life is almost back. The Crown, the Emmy-winning royal drama about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II, returns for season 5 on November 9. Between the release of a new trailer and story speculations, the fifth season has us all intrigued.

The series was showered with awards for season 4, but it’s staying true to tradition: you know how the royals love tradition, and changing its cast for the last two seasons. Imelda Staunton will take the throne as queen, replacing Olivia Colman. Meanwhile, the famously tall elizabeth debicki steps into the fashion shoes of the incredible Diana, replacing Emma Corrin, and Prince Charles will now look less like Josh O’Connor and more like Dominic West.

After the addition of Princess Diana and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in Season 4, which resulted in multiple awards for Emma Corrin and Gillian Anderson, The Crown is ready to begin a new chapter in the history of the Windsor family.

Given the option of distribution of the original of Netflix After swapping outfits every other season, the next installment in the series includes a whole different group of actors who will play the royal family during the ’90s. Although only a few details about season 5 have been revealed, you can still look forward to the series by watching this one. another series of hulu.

The Great wants to dethrone The Crown

Hulu’s The Great: The series, about the rise of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia

If you like stories about female monarchs holding it up, but need a respite from sometimes outdated English traditions, give this a try. Hulu’s The Great. The series, about the rise of Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning), Empress of Russia, as she plans to overthrow her husband Peter III (Nicholas Hoult), it has released two seasons since its 2020 premiere, and a third is on the way.

Be careful: the tone of The Great is almost the exact opposite of The Crown. It’s weird, funny and full of debauchery. While it’s extremely loose on historical accuracy, it’s clever satire, and Elle Fanning is perhaps the best leading lady the series could have had.

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