Hugo Pérez: “Panama is a more tactically worked team”

Hugo Perez, coach of the El Salvador national team, shared in the Güiri Güiri on Air part of his analysis of the Panama national team and expanded details regarding the absence of Marvin Monterroza in the call for Tuesday’s game at Rommel Fernández.

The team arrived in Canal territory on Monday morning and will face Panama on Tuesday night at the Rommel Fernández.

The coach commented that it will be a different match from Friday’s against Jamaica and stressed that they will seek to add to the visit.

“We arrived a little late, like at 2:00 in the morning, the plane was delayed, but everything is fine, we train, the field reconnaissance and we are prepared for what we have come to do because we are in an urgent situation of the three points : said the former World Cup player with the United States team.

Pérez was emphatic in saying that there is a lot of difference between Jamaica and Panama.

“The difference between Panama and Jamaica, I think Panama is a more tactically structured team, in other words they are tactically more disciplined, the way they push, the way they narrow spaces. There are two Jamaicas: one is the one that comes out and they do everything to you. what they have to do, they mark you, they pressure you and you already know their speed and excellent technique; there is another Jamaica that comes out relaxing, it does not reduce spaces, but Panama is different, Panama is a more tactically worked team, they like play with the ball and it’s going to be a totally different game than what we did against Jamaica, “Perez explained.

It will be the second time in this octagonal that El Salvador and Panama measure forces. The first was on October 7 in a duel that ended with a 1-0 victory in Cuscatleco, thanks to both Enrico Dueñas.

“We already played with them once and we already know, equally, their coach knows what we do, what will make a difference on Tuesday, there are situations that seem small; in the goal against Jamaica we are attacking and there is clearance or the defender grabs it, finds Antoni, who we had talked about, was one of the best strikers in the Premier League and you can’t give him space, unless it’s backwards and you can’t mark him because he’s a Hulk and we’re wrong in that detail It’s almost the game for us, these are details that we have to keep working on: “said the coach.

Regarding the absence of Marvin Monterroza, he stressed that he did not travel due to a family situation of the player.

“Marvin is not a football issue, it is a personal issue and sometimes there are certain things more important than football. I spoke personally with Monterroza and I think the best thing was for him to fix that personal situation that he has with his family to be able to concentrate, there is nothing behind that, “Hugo Pérez commented.

“Monterroza has been an important player for the national team, obviously it will always be necessary, because he is a player who can start or enter the substitution, he gives us pause when he has the ball, but right now we have several midfielders and as I have always said if Some player cannot enter because he is beaten, whoever is going to enter has to do things well or better, “he emphasized.


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