How you can help the victims of the Tonga tsunami and volcano

(CNN) — A massive volcanic eruption took place on January 15 about 32 kilometers from the islands of Tonga. The eruption left much of the country covered in volcanic ash and triggered a tsunami that caused flooding.

Due to the country’s remote location, the true scale of the destruction is only just coming to light, but it is expected to be severe.

The Polynesian country is made up of more than 170 islands and is home to some 100,000 people.

Much of the country’s drinking water is contaminated with ash and many houses have been destroyed, leaving people in need of water and shelter.

Foreign aid is starting to arrive, but it is being carefully distributed as Tonga has closed its borders due to the covid-19 pandemic.

These are some of the organizations that provide help and accept donations to help this cause:

The International Federation of the Red Cross has workers on the ground in Tonga and says there is an urgent need for clean water.

UNICEF it is sending emergency supplies from Australia and is working with the Tonga government to get aid into the interior of the country.

In addition, Tonga’s Olympic flag bearer, Pita Taufatofua, has started a GoFundMe which, he says, will be used to help “those most in need”.

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