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The Ecuador Cup 2022 is reaching its final instances with those classified for the semifinal that begins on August 17, in which Independiente del Valle, Mushuc Runa, El Nacional de Quito and October 9 will play.

The last classified was 9 de Octubre, who defeated Aucas 2-0, on the night of this Thursday, August 4, to give the surprise and take away from his rival an unbeaten record of 12 games.

Each team emerged victorious from the quarterfinals, which were played in a single match for two weeks.

The semifinal places one team from Serie B and three from Serie A in dispute to begin fighting under a new format.

Unlike previous editions, the semi-final will be a two-way home run, for a total of six for each team.

Mushuc Runa is another of the classifieds. Photos: Rolando Enriquez/API Photo: API

There will be 18 points in dispute. The first two who accumulate the most units will be the ones who go to the final in a single match

These are the teams that qualified for the semifinal of the Ecuador Cup 2022

The first to classify was Independiente del Valle, after defeating Imbabura 1-3 and thereby taking out one of the Serie B teams that was alive.

Subsequently, Mushuc Runa beat Vargas Torres 0-1, to end the surprise of the only representative of the Second Category that remained in the race, while El Nacional de Quito continued its streak and took out the third eleventh in a row from Series A that I challenge you at home.

El Nacional beat Delfín 3-1, to ensure a place in the home run and promise to fight for a place in the final despite being the only one among the three that plays in Series B.

Lastly, October 9, also from Serie A, he is the fourth and last classified.


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