How to watch any Twitch content on Samsung TVs

Those who own Samsung Smart TVs will have realized that the Twitch app has not been accessible for a while. This is because the manufacturer has removed the application from its store. In this way, Twitch cannot be accessed directly on TVs with Tizen OS. However, today we bring some ways to continue enjoying the streams offered by this platform on Samsung televisions.

The truth is that the Twitch application that previously existed on Samsung televisions was a third-party app that Twitch did not develop. In this way, the company took legal action and it was at that moment that it decided to remove the app from the store. Do not worry, since although there is no official app yet, under these lines We show you some ways to watch Twitch on Samsung TVs.

Via browser

In the absence of bread, good are cakes. If there is no Twitch app in the Samsung store, we can simply start the browser of our television and go to to enjoy our streamers favorites.

It must be said that the experience is not the same as if we have an app dedicated to it, but it can do the trick for us. Here We can both log into our Twitch account, and interact with chat and other functions. Of course, there are times when we put the streaming in full screen, the bottom bar where the control options appear does not disappear. Although there does not seem to be a solution to this yet, we can try to refresh the page and verify that it has disappeared.

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Sending the content to a Chromecast, Fire TV or any Android TV Box

As we have mentioned, today we cannot access Twitch directly by sending content from our mobile phone, since this requires the app. Nevertheless, we can install the Twitch app on any Chromecast device, Fire TV or any Android TV Box.


Once the application is installed on the external device, we can send content from our mobile phone with the Twitch app comfortably. This is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy Twitch on a Samsung TVas there is no loss of quality and it works natively. However, it requires the purchase of one of the products mentioned.

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Doing ‘Screen Mirroring‘from the phone

The vast majority of current Samsung televisions have been compatible with major systems for a long time to do ‘mirroringSee Chromecast, Miracast, the native option of our mobile device, and even AirPlay for Apple products, among others. To do this we need to perform some steps before:

  • It will be necessary to be sure that both the telephone and the television are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • On the phone, you have to select the option to share the screen. If it is a Samsung device, we must look for the option “Smart View“. If it is any other Android device, it is usually referred to as” Screen Projection “,” Cast “, and so on.
  • Once the screen of our phone is projected to the TV, just go to the Twitch app on our mobile device and play any content.

It is worth mentioning that this is the least effective way to watch Twitch on TV, since when doing streaming from our phone screen to the TV, we lose a lot of quality and there is some delay in the audio.

Through a third-party app

There are multiple applications for mobile devices that take care of give us the ability to broadcast any content directly from web pages. This could be considered a solution that mixes both the first and third options mentioned in the article.


We have used the Tubio app, which you can download through the Play Store or App Store. Once installed on our phone, we write the URL we want to access (in our case, and access the streaming that we want to see specifically. Automatically a drop-down menu should appear with the devices available to send the content. Our Samsung TV should appear here.

The truth is that not having an official Twitch app on televisions from one of the largest manufacturers in the sector gave food for thought. That is why from Xataka Home we have contacted Samsung to find out if they could clarify our doubts on the subject. As they point out, indeed the app that existed on televisions with Tizen OS was an unofficial app, hence the reason for its withdrawal.

As for the arrival of an official app dedicated to this streaming platform, Samsung affirms that it is the service provider, in this case Twitch, who must decide the distribution plan of its app for television platforms. At the moment they are silent on the subject.

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