How to tell the difference between Ori and KW Nike shoes


Quality shoes like Nike products are very famous in the world. In addition to an attractive model, quality is also able to enhance the prestige of the owner, so it is not surprising that there are many asphalt or KW products on the market.

The main function of shoes is to protect the feet from sharp objects so that they do not get hurt. Meanwhile, another function of shoes is to support clothes to make them look fashionable. Many types of shoes are versatile due to their high quality and are liked by a wide range of people.

You know, because of its popularity, many other shoe companies have imitated Nike shoes! Many companies also make Nike KW shoes or bootleg shoes just to take advantage of the existing Nike brand. Well if you want to buy Original Nike shoes only at JDSports guaranteed authenticity.

Before you buy Nike products, you should also be able to tell the difference between original Nikes that provide better quality and Nike KW or asphalt. Here are a few things to consider before buying.

1. View seller profile

The first thing you can do to make sure that the Nike shoes you are about to buy are genuine or fake models is to check the profile of the seller or the shoe seller itself. You can view Nike shoe sellers by viewing seller profiles online or offline.

A way to evaluate a seller’s profile in an online business is to read the reviews of buyers who have made previous transactions. Often, consumers leave reviews for products they have purchased.

This size is one of the benchmarks for identifying original Nike or KW shoe retailers. Meanwhile, to view the seller’s profile offline, you can visit the corresponding store.

Usually genuine Nike shoe stores display the Nike logo, while Nike KW shoes are often sold in shoe stores as a mix with other types of shoes. One recommendation is that you can buy it from JDSport.

2. View price

If you ever find Nike shoes that are cheaper than the price of Nike shoes in general, don’t be tempted just yet. Because you can be sure that these Nike shoes are asphalt or KW products.

Nike shoes prices range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupees. For example, when Nike products are usually sold for 4 million rupees, and then suddenly you see the price of the same model of Nike shoes for only 600,000 rupees, it may be that these shoes are still fake.

The problem of price differences is what often fools consumers into buying counterfeit products. Thus, it is not easy to choose prices for shoes below the average.

3. Check the shoebox

Real Nike shoes are usually sold in shoe box or carton packages. The type of shoe is one aspect to consider when determining the authenticity of a shoe. Usually Original Nike shoes only at JDSports using a strong and secure box with a logo and other attributes such as barcodes.

Nowadays, most Nike KW shoes or bootleg shoes are sold without boxes. Although there are people who use the shoebox that comes with the kit, the difference between the original Nike and KW shoeboxes is clear. The KW shoe box is made of thin and easily damaged material and is marked with an opaque barcode.

4. Pay attention to the logo and stitching of the shoes.

Apart from the box, the quality of the seams and logos also clearly differs between original Nike shoes and Nike KW shoes. If you look, then of course both are not strange and almost similar. However, if you look closely, these two shoes are different.

The original Nike sneakers are the same size and almost perfect. The fastening of the boots is also very beautiful and soft, it looks good. On the other hand, Nike KW or bootleg shoes often have asymmetrical logos in some places.

In addition, the seams look ugly and unsightly. Even some of these Nike KW shoes are torn or broken.

5. Check the full logo on the shoe box carefully

Check the description label on the shoe box carefully. If you notice, Nike shoe boxes have a little full text and a barcode on one side of the box. The writing on the side is a detailed description that provides detailed information about Nike shoes.

With these full tags, you can make sure Nike shoes are genuine. Detailed information on the label includes shoe size, color, material, country of manufacture, shoe care, barcode and, if desired, SKU number.

The SKU number on the description label must match the SKU number on the shoe. If the SKU numbers on retail shoe labels are different, chances are the Nike shoes you are buying are KW or counterfeit. In addition, fake Nike shoes often have obscure and illegible logos and branding.

6. Check the rubber soles of the shoes.

The material that distinguishes the quality of the shoe, of course, lies in the material used, especially in the lower part of the shoe. The rubber part of the shoe is one of the most important parts that we have to check before buying to make sure that the Nike shoes are original or KW.

The rubber soles used in original Nike shoes are usually smooth, soft and comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, the rubber soles of Nike KW shoes usually have a hard texture and small spots on the rubber sole. Therefore, before buying Nike shoes, be sure to check the rubber sole. It is not enough just to see, you also need to feel the texture.

7. Pay attention to the quality of the laces

Nike shoes usually have laces. You can also pay attention to this strap as an indicator that the shoes are original. Original Nike bags feel soft and durable. Plus, the original Nike laces are lint-free, which is great.

In fact, Nike original shoelaces and Nike KW shoes have a very big difference. For original Nike shoes, the laces are made of a very soft material, but they are durable. This is different from the Nike KW laces which are not very good.

8. See shoe color

You can also clearly see the color difference between genuine Nike shoes and fake Nike shoes. Real Nike shoes are usually dark in color or have low color density as they are usually made from suede.

Meanwhile, Nike KW shoes or fake shoes usually have eye-catching colors because they are usually made of leather, which will make the color of the shoes shine.

From some of the explanations above, of course, now you know how to tell the difference between genuine Nike shoes and fake Nike shoes. This way you won’t be disappointed when you buy Nike shoes and get fake ones just because they are cheap.

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