How to make WhatsApp calls and video calls from your computer


It is possible thanks to the desktop version of the application

Little by little, WhatsApp is expanding functionalities to increase its versatility and face the competition. One of the last is the possibility of sending and receiving messages from our computer without having to have the mobile phone connected.

However, making calls and video calls is impossible from the browser version of WhatsApp (‘Web’). Is there a method to attend to them from our laptop or desktop computer? Yes, by following these simple steps:

The first step is to install the WhatsApp desktop application by following these links according to our operating system:

■ macOS

■ Windows 8 or later (64-bit version)

■ Windows 8 or later (32-bit version)

Once the application is downloaded and installed, we execute it to link it with our WhatsApp account through the mobile phone. To do this, in the latter, we open the application and access the path: Settings> Linked devices> Link a device.

We point the mobile camera at the QR code that will appear in the WhatsApp desktop application, completing the linking process.

From now on, we will be able to make and receive WhatsApp calls from the computer. For the first, it will be enough to click on the icon of a telephone located in the upper right corner. The other interlocutor will be able to answer from the mobile or his computer as it suits him.

WhatsApp for desktop also allows us to define the audio and video devices of the computer, in case we do not want to use the speakers or the default camera of our equipment.

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