How to make Alexa not notify of my purchases

In this way, you will be able to:

  • Notify you when a package is ready for delivery.
  • Notify you when a package has been delivered successfully.

Besides that, you can also:

  • Notify of the items that make up the order. On a speaker Threw out no screen, that means listing it out loud so everyone knows that you don’t seem to have enough yet funkos. If you have the model Echo Show with screen, the name of the products will also appear there.
  • Notify of the items that make up the order and that, in addition, are gifts because you marked them as such during the purchase on Amazon. Alexa has the option to distinguish this in the notifications, but remember that only if you specified it correctly.

Thus, if there is no danger that no one will listen to what you have bought and the surprise is broken, they can also inform you of the status of the gift when it is delivered and when it arrives.

As you can see, the options are varied and you can configure the deactivation of notifications for Amazon purchases in a granular way and to your liking. Let’s see how to do it.

How to turn off all purchase notifications

For that, we have to enter our Amazon Alexa mobile application.

There you will see the menu in the form of hamburger of the lower right that says «More». We press and, in the new screen that appears, we access the section of “Setting”.

Alexa settings in the mobile app

Once there, we will see the “Notifications” section, is the one that interests us, so we click on it.

You will see that you have several options, the first is the one that suits us and is called “Shopping with Amazon”. We also click there.

Purchase notifications in the Alexa app

In the new screen that appears, you will see 6 options to mark or unmark. Some are activated (appearing colored) and others will be deactivated (appearing in white), as you can see in the image below, in which we show you all that there are.

The purchase notifications that Alexa offers

If you don’t want to complicate your life, and you want disable any notification related to orders, so it’s very simple, just uncheck everything and leave each option white.

When you do, your purchases will be a total secret between you and Alexa, without anyone else knowing.

However, we must recognize that some of these purchase notifications are really helpful. Therefore, you may want to have part of the options activated. We tell you which ones you should touch in each case.

Other specific notifications to disable

We have explained the general deactivation, but, as we indicated, some may be useful and therefore you want to be more specific about what you want to have active or not.

How to disable Alexa from saying the content of your orders out loud

If you want Alexa to notify you of an order and its shipping status, but you don’t want me to sing out loud what it contains, then you must deactivate the options that are grouped under the heading “Include product titles”.

It has no loss, because are the first three options that appear on the “Shopping with Amazon” screen of the application that we have seen above.

In this way, you will have order updates but without Alexa getting out of hand about what’s inside the box.

Of course, another person who lives or is in your house may find out that there is an order on the way or that it has reached its destination, and they may ask or inquire about it.

How to turn off Alexa notifications about returns

Your speaker Threw out It can inform you of the status of returns, as well as of the orders. If this does not interest you, you can deactivate it by tapping on the «Returns» option until blank.

It is not difficult to find it either, because this option is below the three that we have just seen.

How to disable order updates in general in Alexa

If you want to disable notifications of orders, including those you have in the mode Subscribe and Save, the option you are looking for is called «Order updates» and is below the previous one.

Again, tap until blank.

How to disable Alexa from making recommendations and offers

In this same section you have the option that Alexa recommend offers and products based on your purchase history. Regardless of whether you want me to notify you of the status of your orders or not, you will surely want to disable this, so it’s also on this screen.

It’s about the option «Recommendations and offers» and it’s the last of the 6 we’re looking at, so you know, tap and leave it blank.

The options that come by default in the application is that it notifies you of the status of orders and returns, but that it only shows the items that the order includes when they are not gifts.

If for some reason you want Alexa to also say out loud (or show the content on the screen) of the gifts, you will have to leave activated the first 3 options that we have seen.

This is interesting if there is no danger that your child or your partner will hear that you have gone back to the cheapest option when buying something from them.

As you can see, Alexa can be very useful and, sometimes, also snitch about what you don’t want. So that it does not happen to you with what you buy on Amazon, now you know how to deactivate the notifications of your orders on your smart speaker.

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