How to know if your email has been hacked

We tell you different methods to know if your email has been hacked

Gmail has several search commands that will make it easy for you to clean up your email.

There are different web pages that will help you know if your email has been the victim of a hacker


Electronic mail or email is essential to correctly perform many jobs and the most effective way to communicate between companies. But it is not only reduced to the workplace, we all have an email —or more than one— for personal use associated with all kinds of applications: from Instagram, Facebook to even notifications from the Treasury. Today, the use of email is essential to the point that it is possible to synchronize its updates with all our electronic devices and thus be able to consult it anywhere. However, this frequent use makes it constantly exposed to possible hacks. For our peace of mind, there are different ways to check if our email has been the victim of hackers.

Have I been pwned


This website with Spanish translation “Have you been hacked?” It is a fast and free way to check if our email has been the victim of sabotage. On the home page you must put your email and, after a few seconds, the page will tell you if you have been hacked or not.


This free to use website allows you to search by email, IP or phone. It monitors the activity in real time and will also give you advice to avoid future attacks.



Another good online site to check the status of your email. However, unlike the previous two, it is necessary to pay a minimum of 30 dollars per month to check if you are a victim of hacking. Through a search of your email, it analyzes and inspects what has happened with your data and gives you support to restore your account and make it safe.

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Intelligence X


One of the most advanced techniques. is a search engine that has a huge database —more than 15 billion accounts— where you can find emails, passwords or bitcoins. Through the analysis of its databases it finds a possible hack. Unlike the rest of web pages, it is capable of filtering by country and it is paid.



This online site has two versions: free and paid. They conduct an investigation and detect possible hacked accounts. In the paid version – from 25 pounds per month – they offer to discover the breaches of your account and give you unlimited information on how to avoid being hacked.

In addition to checking the status of your email, it is recommended to establish a high-security password and two-step verification. Professionals advise changing the password from time to time and make it a combination of letters, uppercase and lowercase, symbols and numbers.

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