How to get rid of the gut without exercising (or diet)

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Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to lighten up the outfit. And here comes the drama: with the shirt on is when we realize that the happiness curve has become a gut that is on its way to emulate Homer Simpson’s. You’ve given up for months (exercise isn’t your thing) and now you’re looking for miracles. So let’s face it: who likes to pound themselves out in the gym? And throw yourself on the floor in the morning to do five sets of sit-ups – even if we were Aznar – or 50 planks instead of leaving the griddle for the buttered croissant? Sure, then we see Thor’s torso or Sergio Ramos’ tablet, compare his gut (what gut, exactly?) to ours, and throw our heads in our heads. Deep down we know that to show off a body 10 you have to suffer yours throughout the year based on hard exercise training… and resignations on the plate (goodbye croquettes).

In any case, don’t beat yourself up either, that belly is not all your fault, as Antonio Arjona, physiotherapist and head of training at LPG, explains: “As you age 35, your metabolism begins to slow down and it becomes harder to burn calories. In the case of men, fat accumulates in the abdomen, flanks and around the waist. In addition, it begins to decrease the production of testosterone, which slows down the release of fat. hence the famous beer belly”.

Ok, understood. At this point it is late. There is little more than a month left for the belly-opening operation on the beach and things are not looking good, not even burning fat based on HIIT in a continuous session. But you should never stop dreaming: can you imagine that you could get rid of the gut without exercising? And for that matter, without you having to follow a super strict diet? The dream solution is possible, and it is in the aesthetic centers, although you must be clear that saying goodbye to your abdomen in this way is a temporary patch and that it should serve to mark a red line and begin to seriously consider the workouts.

But while that time comes to work based on hard exercises a six pack of championship, eat better and bet on nutricosmetics, we discover the most effective cabin treatments so that the belly stops weighing you down, reduces its perimeter and you can see your heels again (or another most precious area of ​​your anatomy) without having to bend a lot of loin With these six programs you will be able to reduce centimeters, reduce flanks and abdomen, and begin to shape your best versionbut remember that this is just a mirage and that from September you will have to set a healthy nutrition plan and catch up on exercise if you want the tablet to last.

1. Cryotherapy

The so-called Coolsculpting removes fat from the gut by applying cold at 4ºC throughout the treatment, which is the temperature that will cause stress and then the collapse of the fat cell. “This is a non-invasive and very comfortable method for the patient, which gives excellent results to eliminate localized fat. It is the best alternative that exists for thin people who have modest adiposity in the flanks and abdomen and who do not respond to diet or exercise. At the end of the treatment, the skin is red, somewhat inflamed and the area is anesthetized for a few seconds. At that time, two types of consecutive massages of one minute duration each are performed, since 30% of the effectiveness of this method is due to this last step. At the end, unlike liposuction, a girdle is not needed”, indicates Dr. Elena Soria, specialized in aesthetic medicine. The expert recommends combining this technique with state-of-the-art carboxytherapy (subcutaneous application of high-purity medicinal CO2) to firm up the skin in that area.

Photo credit: B Bennett

Photo credit: B Bennett

2. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

It is what is known as HIFU, and it began to be applied in the reduction of the double chin and the contour of the oval. But later it was shown that it also worked on the body, and now it is being applied especially in this area of ​​​​the belly and flanks, because it has been seen that it gives good results in eliminating fat and minimizing sagging skin. How does it act? “Producing a thermal-mechanical effect that manages to destroy subdermal fatty tissue without damaging the dermis, nearby tissues or the epidermis. The body gradually eliminates dead fat cells, reducing the centimeters of fat in the area where it is applied. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any type of recovery, anesthesia or needles for its application, since it destroys only the selected fat cells in the treatment area. It should be accompanied by lymphatic drainage to help eliminate fat”, explains Dr. Virtudes Ruiz, from Virtudes Estética.

3. Intradermotherapy

If you want to show off a smooth stomach in a swimsuit, you should have this treatment done before the summer months, since the area can become inflamed. “Substances that destroy fat cells are introduced into the subcutaneous cellular tissue and fatty tissue, which will then be eliminated from the body through the kidneys. To do this, long and very flexible needles are used that allow reaching a specific area or the entire surface to be treated. After the process, which can last about 20 minutes, cold is applied to avoid small discomforts or bruises that can appear immediately”, says the surgeon María Vicente, who advises wearing garments that support the area for the following 48 hours.

4. Radiofrequency

“It works very well combined with intradermotherapy for more localized fat. Radiofrequency, above all, what it does is improve the flaccidity of the fatty area that has been treated. The good thing about this technique is that it can be done at any time of the year, even in summer. We recommend starting with injections and then staying with radiofrequency for as long as necessary to smooth the skin as much as possible”, suggests María Vicente.

5. Lipovaser

This technique has replaced laser liposculpture, since with the laser the risks are very high, not only of burns but also of the appearance of fibrosis due to the high temperatures of the laser fiber optics. In addition, the abdominal marking is better and the recovery is faster, according to Nikolaos Antoniadis, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon at Clínica Menorca. “This intervention is performed with local anesthesia and sedation. As in conventional liposuction, a tumescent solution is infiltrated. Between this infiltration and the aspiration of the fat cells or globules, called adipocytes, the ultrasound cannula is passed to break these fat cells by vibration. The rupture is spontaneous and neither the blood vessels nor the nerves are injured, which translates into a post-operative period with fewer bruises and less pain. Then, with the extraction cannula, small, very gentle movements are made to extract the fat, sucking it out, not destroying it. With this system, the three layers of fat –superficial, medium and deep– are diluted and a high definition is achieved in the abdomen”.

6. Endermology

It is a lipomassage system, known as LPG, in which a device that has a body head with a motorized roller is used to perform a mechanical massage that releases localized fat from the belly and flanks, activates the circulatory system and drainage lymphatic. And at the same time, the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin and the skin is firmer and more plump.

The best fat-reducing creams that you can use without leaving home

We know that time is pressing, that the holidays are just around the corner and that, if you are one of those who has been crushing yourself in the gym in recent months, you deserve extra help. If, in addition to the treatments indicated above, you want to know how to reduce both abdominal and flank fat, below you will find up to 10 reducing creams so that taking off your shirt is not an ordeal.

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